Top News Headlines Around the World July 10th 2011

BBC News : Rupert Murdoch has arrived in the UK to handle the fallout from the phone-hacking crisis. Possibility that his bid to takeover BSkyB will be scrapped.

Euronews: Hundreds arrested at pro-reforms rally in Malaysia.

CNN: Final News of the World edition hits stands.

(Irish) RTE News: FF Kenny under pressure over Roscommon issue.

(German) Spiegel: Church Shaken by Sexual Abuse Scandals in Africa.

(English) The Guardian: News International phone hacking memos handed to police.

(American) Washington Post: Obama still pressing for broad deal on debt, aides say.

(International) Huffington Post: Worst Humanitarian Crisis; Drought  ridden Somalia.

(American) The New York Times: Boehner scales back deficit talks, citing tax differences.

(American) Democracy Now: As debt talks threaten Medicare, Social Security, study finds U.S. spending $4 trillion on war.

(Irish) The Irish Times: Bus hijacked during night of serious violence in the north.

(Australian) The Age: Gillard’s biggest gamble; Carbon tax.

(Australian) SMH: Australia’s clean start; carbon tax.

(Indian) The Times of India: 35 Killed, 200 injured as Kalka Mail derails in UP.

(Canadian) The Globe and the Mail: Obama seeks $4-trillion debt package

(Mexican) The News: FCH: Damage was preventable; President Felipe Calderón said that the infrastructure repair works in the State of Mexico should have been implemented a long time ago to avoid the catastrophic floods that affected thousands of people.

(China) People’s daily Online:China established its diplomatic tie with the Republic of South Sudan Saturday and vowed to provide assistance at the best of its ability to develop the world’s newest nation. (Communist)

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: Natural gas imports from Canada eyed / Plan aims to cover 10% of annual total.

(Russian) The Moscow Times: American says “cheese” in Moscow region; New York native Jay Close crossed Russia’s border on a Red Cross humanitarian visa in 1993, little did he know that he would wind up in a small village with a mission to make cheese.


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