News Headlines Around the World July 17th 2011

BBC News:  Brooks Arrested by Hacking Police.

Euronews: NATO begins Afghan handover.

CNN: Brooks Arrested in Hacking Scandal.

RTE: Rebekah Brooks Arrested Over Phone Hacking.

Spiegel: Austrian Right-Wing Populists in Libya for Mediation Effort.

The Guardian:  Rebekah Brooks Arrested Over Phone Hacking.

Washington Post:  Top lawmakers target ‘grand bargain’ for debt plan. (Brooks arrest is second story)

Huffington Post: Rebekah Brooks Arrested.

The New York Times: British Police Arrest Rebekah Brooks.

Democracy Now: Top Murdoch Aides Resign in Phone Hacking Scandal (Friday July 16th)

The Irish Times: Brooks Arrested as Phone Hacking Scandal Deepens.

The Age: Brooks Arrested.

Sydney Morning Herald:  Brooks Arrested.

The Times of India: Saudi Prince Behind Brooks Resignation.

The Globe and Mail: Rebekah Brooks Latest Arrest in Phone Hacking Scandal.

The News: Language soon to be forgotten. Only two people on Earth are known to speak the Ayapanec language, Manuel Segovia and Isidro Velasquez, old men of few words who are somewhat indifferent to each other’s company.

People’s Daily: Mumbai blasts lead to communication shutdown in local government.

The Daily Yomiuri: China starts constructing own flattop (air craft carriers) / ‘2 carriers operational within ten yrs’

The Moscow Times: Medvedev’s Impossible Airplane Ban.

Reuters: Rebekah Brooks was Arrested. (Photo) US Mulls Options on Debt Deal (Top Story)

Associated Press Mobile: Ex-Murdoch aide Rebekah Brooks arrested in London.

The Nation: Rupert Murdoch has gamed American politics every bit as thoroughly as Britain’s.

The Wall Street Journal: UK Police Arrest Rebekah Brooks in Phone Hacking Probe.

Clarin: Obama agrees to cut social spending to avoid default 2nd Story Growing scandal tracks in Britain names the head of Scotland Yard.

Rebekah Brooks Arrested in London for her alleged involvement in the News Corporation Phone Hacking Scandal. AP Photo

The headlines are from the online “world news” sections of the newspapers listed.

The News Corporation website lists newspapers that it owns. The list is definitely worth a look and can be found here; THE LIST!

The other news here in the US today is the release of Casey Anthony from Jail.

 ABC News

July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony, the Florida mother who was acquitted of charges that she murdered her daughter Caylee, was released just after midnight today from an Orange County jail, according to her attorney and jail officials.


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