News Headlines Around the World July 24th 2001

(UK) BBC News: Norwegian attacker acted alone.

(Europe) Euronews: Norway massacre a “dispicable act.”

(USA) CNN: Lawyer: Norway terror suspect will “explain himself” Monday.

(Ireland) RTE:  Norway PM leads mourners in Oslo service.

(German) Spiegel: A tale of heroism during the Norwegian massacre.

(German) Die Welt: Norway mourns proud and defiant to the dead.

(France) Le Monde:Wind of Madness in New york for first homosexual unions.

(UK) The Guardian:  The man accused of carrying out Friday’s massacre and bombing, Anders Behring Breivik, has confessed to both the attacks, but denied criminal responsibility.

(Italy) La Repubblica: Slaughter Norway Breivik: “I acted alone” On the web the top 1,500 pages , Videos on YouTube announced Crusade.

Washington Post: Fresh Urgency after collapse in budget talks. (Norway shootings and bombings is second story)

(International) Huffington Post:  Norway bombing suspect calls attacks “necessary.”

The New York Times: Oslo suspect wrote of fear of Islam and plan for war.

(USA) Democracy Now: NLRB orders new election after ruling SEIU, Kaiser colluded to influence union vote. (Mon-Fri news)

The Irish Times: Norway suspect admits to twin gun and bomb attacks.

(Australia) The Age: A Gay Time for New York Marriage.

(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald: Suspect claims responsibility for attacks on Norway.

The Times of India: Norway attacks suspect claims responsibility: Lawyer

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: Norwegians defy gunman by sticking to open, tolerant society.

(Mexico) The News: Protests leave 10 dead in Malawi.

(China, Communist) People’s Daily: New Greek bailout unveiled to contain debt crisis.

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: Ma: Japan, Taiwan should enter China as partners.

The Moscow Times: AAR Takes BP back to court.

(International) Reuters: Norway mourns victims of anti-Islam attacker.

(International) Associated Press Mobile: Norway suspect wanted European anti-Muslim crusade.

(USA) The Nation: From the archive: In Europe, Where’s the hate?

The Wall Street Journal: Gunman tells lawyer killings were necessary.

(Argentina) Clarin: Attack in Norway: A right-wing Christian fanatic and author of the slaughter.

New Zealand Herald: Bullet trains crash in China, 35 Dead.

The headlines are from the online “world news” sections of the newspapers/news media listed.


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