News Headlines Around the World July 31st, 2011

(UK) BBC News:US Parties hopeful for Debt Deal

(Europe) Euronews: 11 Die is Lashkar Gah Attach

(USA) CNN: Groups: Government forces, protesters clash in Syria, killing 67

(Ireland) RTE:   Syria Forces Launch Tank Attack on Hama

(German) Spiegel: US Debt Debate: Annihilating Democracy with the Tea Party

(German) Die Welt: Preliminary agreement reached in U.S. debt dispute

(France) Le Monde: China denounced the censorship of the media about the accident TGV

(UK) The Guardian: Syrian Tanks Kill Protesters in Hama

(Italy) La Repubblica: Syria, tanks burst in Hama, civilians caught in gunfire

Washington Post:  As draw down approaches, U.S. commanders in Afghanistan reluctant to leave

(International) Huffington Post: Another Day Down The Drain: Reid Vote Delayed To Sunday As Hints Of Deal Emerge

The New York Times: Amid New Talks, Some Optimism on Debt Crisis

(USA) Democracy Now: Norway’s Johan Galtung, Peace & Conflict Pioneer, on How to Stop Extremism that Fueled Shooting (Friday, July 29th)

The Irish Times: Dozens Killed in Syria Clashes

(Australia) The Age: US Senate defers debt vote

(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald: US Senate defers debt vote

The Times of India: Gaddafi threatens to kill Berlusconi: Italian daily Corriere della Sera reported.

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: Syrian army kills 62 in pre-dawn raid, activists say

(Mexico) The News: Healthcare lacking for Mexicans in US

(China, Communist) People’s Daily: New Greek bailout unveiled to contain debt crisis (World News Headline Unchanged since July 22nd)

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: China digs up wrecked train it buried

The Moscow Times: Dark Clouds Gather Over U.S. Reset

(International) Reuters: Dozens killed as Syria army storms Hama

(International) Associated Press Mobile: White House: No debt deal yet with Republicans

(USA) The Nation: The CIA’s Secret Sites in Somalia

The Wall Street Journal: The Ailing Health of a Growing Nation

(Argentina) Clarin: A default in the U.S. heavy blow to the emerging countries: Developing countries like Argentina will suffer because the economy will slow and that will depress demand. It will also reduce the value of their reserves if downgrades of U.S. debt.

New Zealand Herald: Guyana: Packed jet overshoots runway

(Libya) Ya Libnan: Another Hama massacre, over 62 killed on eve of Ramadan

The above headlines are from the online World sections of the news media listed.

Another Hama massacre, over 62 killed on eve of Ramadan Picture from Ya Libnan


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