News Headlines from Around the World August 7th 2011

(UK) BBC News: Emergency Talks Called to Calm Global Markets Turmoil

(Europe) Euronews: Calm Returned After London Riots

(USA) CNN: Al-Shabaab changes tactics, withdraws from Somali capital

(Ireland) RTE:     ECB (European Central Bank) to discuss Italian Debt Crisis

(German) Spiegel: Precipitous Market declines Shake European Leaders

(German) Die Welt: Between economic powers, the wires are running hot

(France) Le Monde: 38 U.S. soldiers and Afghan killed in Afghanistan

(UK) The Guardian: Global leaders race to stem panic over US credit rating downgrade

(Italy) La Repubblica: Major Crisis counseling. ECB decides on the Italian and Spanish titles

Washington Post:  Origins of the debt showdown

(International) Huffington Post: Tottenham Riot: The Police Seemed Helpless, Witnesses Say

The New York Times:  Shabab Concede Control of Capital to Somalia Government

(USA) Democracy Now:  Cargill Meat Recall Heightens Fears Budgets Cuts Will Weaken Oversight, Threaten Public Health   (Mon-Fri News)

The Irish Times: Trichet wants decision on purchasing Italian bonds

(Australia) The Age: 38 dead in chopper crash

(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald: 38 Dead in chopper crash

The Times of India: Riot hits north London after police shooting death

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: World’s leading economies hold urgent talks after U.S. credit downgrade

(Mexico) The News: Storm Damages Homes in Haiti

(China, Communist) People’s Daily: Full force of Typhoon Muifa to hit Shandong

Global times (China): 38 killed in Afghan helicopter crash: NATO

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: China weekly: Official says cover-ups common

The Moscow Times: Tula Murder Blamed on Local Teen

(International) Reuters:  NATO investigates deadly Afghan helicopter crash

(International) Associated Press Mobile: Finance leaders urgently discuss market stability

(USA) The Nation: Downgrading Democracy

The Wall Street Journal: Chopper Attack Kills 38, Including 30 US Troops

(Argentina) Clarin: Alert on Wall Street for the rise in U.S. risk.

New Zealand Herald: Police shooting prompts London riot

(Libya) Ya Libnan: Lebanon Finance Minister Heads to Syria

The above headlines are from the online World sections of the news media listed. Translation by Google Translate.

Aug 7th Tottenham North London. Riots overnight resulted in several police officers injured and the death of protester Mark Duggan, a father of four.


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