Hurricane Irene August 28th 2011

Power outages in CT  reached almost 600,000, leaving 53% of the State without electricity according to Connecticut Light and Power on Monday, August 29th.

Hurricane Irene hit CT on August 28  2011. Although downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm, the mix of high tides and a full moon caused the storm surge to raise water levels above three feet of what the state considered safe.

Snow plows cleaned debris off roads in an attempt to make driving safe.

A state employee who wished to remain anonymous said that he had been working since ten o’clock Saturday morning and was operating on three hours sleep by four pm Sunday.

Driving a snow plow truck to remove debris from roads is “safe,” the state employee said and added when sparks are seen due to the plow hitting the surface of the road,” it is still safe. The same thing happens in winter,” he said.

When asked about operating a large truck while sleep deprived the state employee said,
“Our governor says it’s so easy a monkey could do it!” The employee had slept for three hours on a cot bed.

Tennis courts became skim boarders’ havens at Weed beach tennis courts in Darien, CT.

Darien residents of the weed beach area waded through almost six inches of water on Sunday.

Debris in driveways at the cove in Stamford marked the tide levels which peaked at 11am on Sunday. Residents begin the massive clean-up.

On an impassable road heading toward Weston, CT, an ambulance turned around to find an alternate route to it’s destination. It turned again into the direction blocked off by police tape, the only access to the required destination.

21 people died in this storm.


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