News Headlines from around the world Septmber 4th 2011

(UK) BBC News: Dominique Strauss-Kahn lands in France

(Europe) Euronews: DSK back to catcalls and cheers

(USA) CNN: Documents shed light on CIA, Gadhafi spy ties

(Ireland) RTE: Mass rally for social reform in Israel

(German) Spiegel: Merkel’s strange justification

(German) Die Welt: The euro crisis and called on Parliament

(France) Le Monde: Iran announced that the Bushehr nuclear power plant is connected to its grid

(UK) The Guardian:  Libya: Gaddafi sons and loyalist convoys ‘have fled strongholds’

(Italy) La Repubblica: The alarm of Doctors Without Borders “In Tripoli, refugees without assistance”

(Peru) LaRepublica: Confirmed: no survivors after plane crash in Chile

Washington Post:  More Afghan soldiers deserting the army, NATO statistics show

(International) Huffington Post: Brazil Terrorism Laws: No One Is A Terrorist

The New York Times: U.S. Appeals to Palestinians to Stall U.N. Vote on Statehood

(USA) Democracy Now: U.S. Wasting Billions While Tripling No-Bid Contracts After Decade of War in Iraq, Afghanistan

The Irish Times: Israelis protest over cost of living

(Australia) The Age: Record protest in Israel demands social reform

(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald: Record protest in Israel demands social reform

The Times of India: US warns of small airplane terror threats

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: War and corruption are responsible for famines, not droughts

(Mexico) The News:  Greenpeace blocks oil company’s office

(China, Communist) People’s Daily: 21 killed in Chilean air force plane crash

Global times (China): Weiner seeks treatment (Not updated,same story since June 13th)

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri:  (National) Noda a ‘loach’ with silver tongue (World section still not updated Officicials Say Cover-Ups common still the headline)

The Moscow Times: State-Backed Program Promises Aviation Industry Influx of Pilots With Less Training

(International) Reuters:  Libyans hope to seize Gaddafi bastion

(International) Associated Press Mobile: Libya rebels poised to attack Gadhafi stronghold

(USA) The Nation: The Arab Awakening

The Wall Street Journal: At Afghan Military Hospital, Graft and Deadly Neglect

(Argentina) Clarin: Plane Crash Chile Confirmation that there are no survivers

New Zealand Herald: Libyan rebels get closer to hometown

(Libya) Ya Libnan: Reaction to the verdict against Karam

The Copenhagen Post: Government recognises Libyan rebels

The Reykjavik Grapevine: Taxes Significantly Lowered On E-Books And Music

(Norway) Aftenposten: Prisoners buried alive by Gadafi

(Turkey) Aygazete: PEJAK again began to strike Iran World

The Balkan Chronicle: Turkey and Israel: Turkey does the right thing

(Somalia) The Shabelle News: Himan & Heb: Somalia’s consultative meeting will end in failure

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer: President Obama recieves Lebanese Prime Minister- Vowed to push for the stability of Lebanon

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: Gaddafi’s final act

The above headlines are from the online World/International  sections of the news media listed.

Translation by Google Translate.

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