Julian Assange “Unauthorized” Autobiography

Julian Assange, the man who exposed cable gate, is now being exposed by publisher Canongate in the same manner as his own Wikileaks exposed communications between world governments; unedited.

Today Assange delivered this statement on Wikileaks;

“I have learned today through an article in The Independent that my publisher, Canongate, has secretly distributed an unauthorised 70,000 word first draft of what was going to be my autobiography.”

Assange alleged that Canaongate is “profiteering” and added, “Canongate are not about freedom of information — they are about old-fashioned opportunism and duplicity—screwing people over to make a buck.”

The autobiography, ghost written by Andrew O’Hagan, was to fund further operations at Wikileaks and Assange’s ongoing legal bills. Wikileaks has experienced financial issues since sexual allegations were made against Assange in December 2010. The allegations of rape are unfounded he said and that the relations were consentual. He remains under house arrest in England until his case is put to trial.

“On the 7th of December 2010 Bank of America, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Western Union folded to US pressure by arbitrarily and unlawfully cutting WikiLeaks off of its financial lifeline. The blockade continues,” Assange said in his online statement.

Canongate shipped thousands of copies of the unauthorized autobiography to hundreds of bookstores secretly, sales of the book begin tomorrow.

Assange said that the sale of the book is taking from his, and other’s potential earnings of the final transcript, “denying me and many others of market opportunity for the book I wished to publish, and depriving me of the earnings I would eventually have made with the second and third instalments of the advance,” he added.

Assange will now have to learn what he said and how it was transcribed like the rest of us, by buying his own autobiography.

“I will have to buy ‘my autobiography’ in order to learn the extent of the errors and inaccuracies of the content of the book, but the damage is done,” Assange said.


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