New Irish Website for Ancestry Searches

Birr Bridewell in County Offally, Ireland

The release of prison, sanitorium and bridewell (Police station) records brings the past to life in Ireland.

The ancestry search in Ireland often came to a full stop due to a lack of records. In the most unlikely of places, prisons, sanitoriums and bridewells, ancestry searches can now date as a far back as 1790.

The website, allows visitors to;

  • View images and maps of where your ancestors lived
  • Find out what your ancestors did for a living
  • Discover which battles your ancestors fought in
  • Learn about the voyages your ancestors made

The records illustrate the heavy hand of the law in Ireland during the years 1790 – 1920. Crimes such as washing your car in the street led to the imprisonment of John Cunningham from Finglas.

Irish states that the records list the name, address, place of birth, occupation, religion, education, age, physical  description, name and address of next of kin, crime committed, sentence, dates  of committal and release/decease of the prisioners or inmates listed in the archives.

In an interview with, Brian Donovan, Director of said “These records provide an  invaluable resource for anyone tracing their Irish ancestors, as during the  period covered almost every household in Ireland had a convict in their family.  These records provide such a wealth of information that they are sure to shock  and surprise almost anyone looking for the missing links in their Irish family  tree.”

The fee for detailed search capabilities is a 12 month subscription for $69.95 USD or a 6 month subscription for $44.95 USD logo


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