Wikileaks suspends activity

RT news website reporting today that WikiLeaks was killed by payment ban

Wikileaks has suspended activities today due to a shortage of cash.

Companies such as Mastercard, Visa and Paypal no longer transfer donations and funding to Wikileaks.

Jullian Assange said that 95% of Wikileaks income existed via supporter subscriptions.

Jullian Assange’s attempt at fundraising for Wikileaks was hijacked earlier when his un-edited biography by Canongate hit the shelves of book stores without his consent, depriving him and Wikileaks of funding Assange has said.

For now the controversial website is focusing on fundraising. The Wikileaks website itself has not made any formal announcement regarding suspension of activities other than not accepting any submissions due to re-engineering improvements to the site.

On Tuesday, October 25th, the site’s status changed and a youtube video featuring Assange appears on the opening screen. See the video below, “Wikileaks needs you.”

Official Wikileaks fundraising plea by Julian Assange on youtube.


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