Developed Country or Heart of Darkness?

I sit here huddled in my new leopard print, double lined, fleece blanket. Lovely as it is, I wear it, not because I want to make a fashion statement, but out of necessity to stay warm.

I write by candlelight gentle readers, harkening back to the days of Wee Willy Winkle. I write on my blog on my iPhone. Thankfully, it has a bright backlight; as does my Nook electronic reader. A mixture of antiquated and technologically advanced illumination provides light in my house tonight.

I live in a Developed(?) Country; and since hurricane Irene, that’s going back about six weeks ago, we have lost power three times.

The first was for three days due to Irene. Other parts of Connecticut were without power for two weeks. So I’ll stop whinging since we only endured three days in the dark.

The second time was due to maintainence issues that had to be performed due to the impact of tropical storm Irene. We remained in the heart of darkness for six hours or more.

Today, all hopes of living in a Developed(?)Country are “extinguished” because the first snow fall of the season sees us without power AGAIN. Some news reports stated that due to leaves being on the trees and then snow weighting down branches, the combination of leaf weight and snow weight caused excessive damage. This snowstorm has caused more power outtages and damage than tropical storm Irene.

Fairfield county is beautiful because of all the trees. It is not as if those trees sprouted up over night, they take a while to grow. We’ve know about the trees for a long time. We have also known that trees and utility wires and storms aren’t a good combination; let’s do something about that. Here’s a clue CL&P, put the electricity wires underground.

April is tax season, right? Hopefully the lights will be on so I can see the dotted line for my signature.

The good news is that I will be able to see the dotted line in April as our lights came on after 6pm last night. There are towns around us though who are 100% without power and local news stated that it may take a weeek or more to restore power to these areas.

Please bury me along with my pals?


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