Newspaper Headlines from Around the World December 4th 2011

(UK) BBC News: US Republican Herman Cain suspends campaign

(Europe) Euronews: Russia votes in parliamentary election

(USA) CNN: Qatar state media: Arab League issues Syria new deadline

(Ireland) RTE: Putin’s party favourite to win Duma elections

(German) Spiegel: ‘Never Before Has the World Been as Close to War with Iran’

(German) Die Welt: “Greece is a bottomless pit”

(France) Le Monde: U.S. officials have laundered money for Mexican cartels infiltrate

France 24: Mitt Romney: a steady Republican who can’t pull ahead of the pack

(UK) The Guardian:  Russians vote in national parliamentary elections

(Italy) La Repubblica: Maneuver Mountains meets the social partners Close of retirement pensions and women This afternoon the Council of Ministers

(Peru) LaRepublica: Reported a small explosion near the British embassy in Baréin

Washington Post: Arrests of illegal migrants on U.S.-Mexico border plummet

(International) Huffington Post: Newt Gingrich’s Rise Continues, Ron Paul Second, Romney Third In Iowa: Des Moines Register Poll

The New York Times: D.E.A. Launders Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels

The International Herald Tribune: D.E.A. Launders Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels

(USA) Democracy Now: Martina Correia, 1967-2011: Led Struggle to Save Brother Troy Davis’ Life as She Fought for Her Own

The Irish Times: EU leaders ‘still to agree’ reform deal

(Australia) The Age: Air strike deaths due to faulty data: claim

(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald: Air strike deaths due to faulty data: claim

The Times of India: Russia’s ruling party wary as nation votes

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: Australia to repeal long-standing ban on uranium exports to India

(Mexico) The News: UN claims Syria is in a state of civil war

(China, Communist) People’s Daily: Muslim Brotherhood’s party in Egypt wins 40% of votes in 1st round of legislative polls

Global times (China): Russia starts parliamentary election

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: ANALYSIS / Insurance plan may boost Japan’s profile

The Moscow Times: Media Pressured Before Elections

(International) Reuters: Russians vote in test for Putin

(International) Associated Press Mobile: Obama defends American faith amid GOP critique

The Wall Street Journal: Egypt Secularists Face Hard Choices Islamists Set for 60% or More of Parliamentary Seats, Reports Say; While Reading Results, Official Runs ‘Out of Gas’

(Argentina) Clarin: U.S. in crisis: the “yes we can” to the frustration of “no we can’t”

New Zealand Herald: Nanny subsidies ‘a must’ for the workplace

(Libya) The Tripoli Post: Libyan Women Frustrated at Being Under-Represented in Running the New Libya

The Copenhagen Post: Embattled ex-tax minister to seek leave

(Iceland) Morgunbladid:  Swiss Photographer’s Unique Aurora Images

(Norway) Aftenposten: U.S. presidential pardon most white skin color is crucial in the process that ends with the President pardon a criminal.

(Turkey)Dunya: The Council of Ministers of Council of Ministers tomorrow toplanmayacak, Prime Minister Erdogan will continue to rest.

The Balkan Chronicle: Historic Egypt elections risk turning into complete farce

(Somalia) The Shabelle News: Somali Parents ask for the release of their children in Tanzanian jail

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer (Links to other online papers for world news):  Gingrich takes control in Iowa

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: Allies at war The killing of 25 Pakistani soldiers by NATO forces was an accident foretold

The Jerusalem Post:  Libya says will secure Tunisia border after clashes

Jerusalem World News: Obama more popular in Israel

The Palestine Telegraph: Russia warns ‘dangerous rhetoric’ over Iran could spark ‘catastrophe’

Pakistan The News International: Thousands protest against Afghan war in Bonn 

Syria News: Take action against Syria, Turkey, including the suspension of the free trade agreement between the two countries

The above headlines are from the online World/International  sections of the news media listed.

Translation by Google Translate.

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Putin Votes, December 3rd 2011 Photo: BBc.Co.UK


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