News Headlines From Around The World December 11th 2011

(UK) BBC News: Nick Clegg warns European veto ‘bad for Britain’

(Europe) Euronews: Ex-Panama leader Noriega extradicted home from France

(USA) CNN: General: Iran won’t return U.S. drone it claims to have

(Ireland) RTE: UK could be isolated after EU deal: Nick Clegg

(German) Spiegel: Britain and the EU: The Failure of a Forced Marriage

(German) Die Welt: What can you do if the financial chaos erupts

(France) Le Monde: Vaclav Havel, also dissenting

France 24: British expats react to David Cameron’s ‘non’ to the EU

(UK) The Guardian: Russians come out in force to protest against alleged electoral fraud Tens of thousands defy bitter cold and fear of crackdown in challenge to victorious party of Vladimir Putin

(Italy) La Repubblica: Monti called the unions Maneuver, it goes to the trust

(Peru) LaRepublica: Panama: considered “successful” operation for the extradition of Noriega

Washington Post: Civilian killings created insurmountable hurdle to extended U.S. troop presence in Iraq

(International) Huffington Post: Newt Gingrich Threat To Mitt Romney Rises After Iowa Debate

The New York Times: Rally Defying Putin’s Party Draws Tens of Thousands

The International Herald Tribune (NY Times Int’l): Rally Defying Putin’s Party Draws Tens of Thousands

(USA) Democracy Now: U.S. Publicly Shifts Climate Stance in Face of Widespread Criticism — Then Quietly Backtracks

The Irish Times: UN climate deal agreed in Durban

(Australia) The Age: Arab Spring to last for years

(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald: Arab Spring to last for years

The Times of India: Iran says will not return US drone

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: EU’s vicious-circle economics dooms it to failure

(Mexico) The News: Pope to visit Cuba in spring

(China, Communist) People’s Daily: One dead, six missing in SW China landslide

Global times (China): Three women collect 2011 Nobel peace prize

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: TEPCO N-plant to get foreign insurer (2nd Story) Residents exposed to high doses of radiation

The Moscow Times: Yaroslavl Struggles to Carry On After Crash (2nd story) At Least 25,000 Assemble to Denounce Elections, Putin

(International) Reuters:  New U.N. climate deal struck

(International) Associated Press Mobile: Noriega flown home to be punished once again

The Wall Street Journal: Protests Swell Across Russia

(Argentina) Clarin: Orient Express Luxury cruise in Europe in crisis

New Zealand Herald: Panic as earthqake shakes Mexico

(Libya) The Tripoli Post:  UN Climate Meeting Approves Landmark Deal

The Copenhagen Post: Denmark may join fast lane of two-speed Europe

The Reykjavik Grapevine: Cocks to Be Prohibited in Akureyri…………………………………….. (Bad news for Urban Icelandic lotharios?)

(Norway) Aftenposten: Putin respects protesters

(Turkey) Dunya: Georgia began the transition to the identity

The Balkan Chronicle: Bridging the divide

(Somalia) The Shabelle News: Kenyan official: 9 troops wounded by land mine

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer: President Obama recieves Lebanese Prime Minister- Vowed to push for the stability of Lebanon

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: Near perfect poll: For the first time since 1952, parliamentary elections are under genuine judicial supervision

The Jerusalem Post: IFCJ to aid need Ethopians waiting to make aliya

Jerusalem World News: Gaza air strike sets off round of retaliation

The Palestine Telegraph: Israel continues Ethnic Cleansing in Holy Jerusalem (2nd Story)Kuwait to re-build schools in Gaza as Israel destroyed over 250 (3rd Story)Armed Extremist Jews attack Palestinians

(Pakistan) The News International: Anna begins token fast at Jantar Mantar

(Syria) News: Alao: the psychological factor of the citizens and the low price and smuggling of the causes of the crisis diesel and gas
“Securing this material is no longer as easy as the previous because of the sanctions, which included the transfer of articles, and insurance on shipments, and the opening credits in the banks”

Manuel Antonio Noriega Morena swaps prison in France for jail in Panama

The above headlines are from the online World/International  sections of the news media listed.

Translation by Google Translate.

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