News Headlines From Around The World December 18th 2011

(UK) BBC News: Vaclav Havel, Czech leader and playwright, dies at 75

(Europe) Euronews: Vaclav Havel dies

(USA) CNN: Mohamed Bouazizi: A fruit seller’s legacy to the Arab people

(Ireland) RTE: Last convoy of US soldiers leaves Iraq

(German) Spiegel:  Without Iraq ‘Arab Spring May Have Broken Out Earlier’

(German) Die Welt: 600 dead and missing after storm “Washi” Pulled 600 dead and missing after storm “Washi” A storm is about the Philippines and has cost many lives. The inhabitants of the island of Mindanao were caught in the middle of the night of “Washi”.

(France) Le Monde: Egypt: clashes continue around Tahrir Square

France 24: Former Czech President Vaclav Havel dies

(UK) The Guardian:  Philippines floods: victims tell of panic as wall of water hit cities

(Italy) La Repubblica: Government Monti, PDL and Third Pole “No election, we support it”

(Peru) LaRepublica: Death of Vaclav Havel, former Czech president and defender of the dd.hh

Washington Post: In Iraq, the last to fall: David Hickman, the 4,474th U.S. service member killed

(International) Huffington Post: JUDGE DREAD Gingrich Assault On ‘Activist Judges’ Draws Criticism From Left And Right

The New York Times: In Strikes on Libya by NATO, an Unspoken Civilian Toll

(NYT International) Hearld Tribune: In Strikes on Libya by NATO, an Unspoken Civilian Toll

(USA) Democracy Now: U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq: “In Terms of Destroying Iraq, It’s ‘Mission Accomplished'”

The Irish Times: Last US troops withdraw from Iraq after 9 year war

(Australia) The Age: Gingrich causes a stir with vow to ignore courts

(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald: Gingrich causes a stir with vow to ignore courts

The Times of India:  Thousands rally in Moscow, St. Petersburg

(Canada) The Globe and Mail:  Soldiers shoot protesters in Egypt

(Mexico) The News:  Defectors clash with gov’t forces

(China, Communist) People’s Daily: Chinese Embassy in Philippines renders donation to flood victims

Global times (China): 10 killed, 432 others injured in Cairo clashes

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: Govt to limit 2nd-graders to 35 per class next year

The Moscow Times: Putin Assails U.S. and Protesters

(International) Reuters: Last U.S. troops leave Iraq, ending war

(International) Associated Press Mobile: Elated, last US troops leave Iraq, ending war

The Wall Street Journal: Final U.S. Troops Leave Iraq, Ending Nearly 9-Year Mission

(Argentina) Clarin: Blood and fire suppression in Egypt, nine dead

New Zealand Herald: Soldiers shoot protesters in Egypt

(Libya) Ya Libnan: Libya’s NOC Choses Italian, Russian Gasoline Suppliers for 2012

The Copenhagen Post:  Eurozone crisis “central” to EU presidency

The Reykjavik Grapevine:  Iceland’s Weird Girls Post Shanghai Video

(Norway) Aftenposten: Vaclav Havel 1936 – 2011 World leaders pay tribute to freedom hero. Democracy advocate Vaclav Havel, died Sunday. Condolences streaming in from all over the world

(Turkey) Dunya: What the constitution says: CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu, the Constitution according to the person, the existing rules concerning the duration of the Presidency.

The Balkan Chronicle: Death Toll Rises From Clashes in Cairo

(Somalia) The Shabelle News: Somalia premier warns economic problems

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer:  Ethiopia’s Mortality Caused by HIV/AIDS Decreased by 70% but PMTCT Program Failed

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: Round two: tougher battles As they seek to consolidate their lead in the second round of parliamentary elections, Islamist parties face some uphill competition

The Jerusalem Post: Egypt’s Brotherhood says gets 40 pct in latest vote

Jerusalem Worl News: Security forces demolish illegal buildings in settlement outpost

The Palestine Telegraph: A South African Lesson for Israel

(Pakistan) The News International: Philippine floods toll 652 dead with 808 missing

(Syria) The News: Because of attacks on fuel supply lines .. Announces increase electricity rationing hours starting from Saturday

(Brussels) Le Soir: Tributes to Vaclav Havel

The above headlines are from the online World/International  sections of the news media listed.

Translation by Google Translate.

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End of 9 year War in Iraq; Almost 4,500 died. Last US Troops withdraw 12/18/11

Typhoo "Washin" kills 600+ and 800+ are missing in the Philippines

Vaclav Havel, 75, the dissident playwright who turned to politics to help peacefully bring down communism in Czechoslovakia (The Velvet Revolution) died 12/18/11

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