2011 in the News

Time magazine's person of the year 2011 : The Protestor

The Arab spring protests that swept across Northern African countries began in late December of 2010. I, along with many others, watched and thought, “That would never happen here.”

Wherever “here” is for you, the reader, it is unlikely that the Arab spring protests did not affect your life in some small or large way. Perhaps you watched from another shore as looters and rioters approached areas of London where relatives may live. You may have watched your son or daughter join the “Occupy” movement or perhaps you even became part of it yourself. Consequently the slogan, “We are the 99%” has a definite meaning for us all as we approach the end of 2011.

It was no surprise that Time Magazine chose the “Protestor” as their person of the year for 2011

Thank you all for reading and leaving your comments on my blog posts. It has been a learning and rewarding experience for me. I hope you  continue to follow my blog and leave your comments.

The following video is a compilation of world news headlines from 2011 in pictures. The music is Irish musician, singer and songwriter Paul Brady’s beautiful song “The Island,” which he has given me permission to use for this and every year in review news video. Along with extremely sad news in 2011 we celebrated some joyous moments too, and we lost some beloved people also.

Here’s hoping that 2012 will be a happier and healthier year for us all. Thank you.



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