Tomorrow’s News today: Here’s my predictions for world news in 2012

1. The Euro will fail. In a domino effect, countries will abandon the Euro and return to their previous currencies.

2. America and Pakistan and Iran will develop increasingly strained relationships.

3. President Obama will be elected for a second term.

4. The UK and Argentina will re-open an old wound; ownership of the Falkland Islands.

5. The US, European economies will experience a triple dip recession in 2012.

6. Extreme nationalism will abound in EU countries.

7. Rupert Murdoch will start-up another newspaper in UK: News of the Planet, Hack This! or possibly The London Post

8. Monarchy Rule in budget strapped countries will be contested, especially the salaries of rulers.

9. Occupy movement will become a political party in the US.

10. This blog will become FAMOUS!!!!! ……………..hopefully.

Tomorrow's news Today


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s News today: Here’s my predictions for world news in 2012

  1. I suspect the Occupy movement will fizzle, unless they can translate it into organization. Europe is going to change a lot, one friend thought Italy will return to the Lira, backed by a gold standard.
    When you say triple dip recession, you really mean depression.

    When the blog becomes famous can I be one of your correspondents, like the Huffington Post? 🙂
    Happy New Year!

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