Midterms: Testing the already tested and wasting time

My son’s midterms start tomorrow, and I am reminded of the days when I taught middle school Language Arts. I didn’t need more grades to enter in my grade book and the students certainly didn’t need the added stress of being tested AGAIN on content that was already tested.

This Midterm Testing is no more than, regurgitate what I have already tested you on so that I know, you know, that I know, you know what I have tested you on up until this point in the classroom is engrained in your brain FOREVER.  After I have tested you on the midterms you can forget all that stuff, we’ll move on to something new. So Fugeddaboudit!

Speaking of something new, wouldn’t this valuable week of testing knowledge retained and already tested be better used by teaching and testing new material? Wow! New material! Then we could have a big final in June to test what we’ve already tested on before!


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