Resolutions for Composition Teachers

  1. Respect dialects/ heritage languages- teach respect for diversity. (Shakespeare  and Chaucer were looked down on when they were active writers)
  2.  Encourage collaboration – and innovation will result
  3.  Teach career English – but abandon labeling the 8  parts of speech
  4.  Encourage listening to each other – respect and collaboration
  5.  Reinforce that revision is the main part of effective writing – being correct the first time is not the goal, the knowledge wegain getting to the end result is more important than the final product
  6. Make time for writing everyday – deeper connections
  7. Create a writing workshop in the classroom – learn from each other
  8.  Be a writer myself so that students can model my writing behavior
  9.  Read daily in the classroom – provide excellent samples of writing for the students from what we read
  10.  Provide ethnically diverse examples from skilled writers
  11. Encourage writing as “thinking out” and “writing to learn,” “invisible learning.”
  12. Find commonalities that connect us globally instead of polarizing us
  13. Spend time on the things that really matter, the connections with real learning not the labeling to show what we’ve learned
  14. Implement discussions
  15. Make writing authentic
  16. Make reading authentic
  17. Make it fun for the students and myself, I need to keep learning too. Show the students that the teacher doesn’t get it right      the first time either.
  18. Keep students aware of what is happening in the classroom, goals etc; and how their minds are growing
  19. Offer authentic solutions to composition issues and  offer authentic praise when they deserve it
  20. Emphasize their and my “aha!” moments.

Writing Teacher


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