Who lives in your house?

At the start of each school year it would be helpful to know the reading levels, interests and hobbies of each student in your Language Arts class. Here’s a wonderful lesson from Kelly Gallagher, a Middle School Language Arts teacher and author, which helps do all of the above.

  1. Share  a list of ten noted authors who “live in your house” with students. Leave the “Why is this person famous?” column blank for now.
  2. Put  students into small groups and have them identify as many people as possible on the list.
  3. Have students share their answers with the class.
  4. When all ten authors have been identified, share your answers with the class and then choose a sample of text from one of the authors on the list.
  5. Have each student fill out their own form of who they would like to live in their house. Chances are there is probably a great book about each person they list.
  6. Share a passage from one of the authors to demonstrate the beauty of their written work.


How many of the following people can you identify?


Why is this person famous?

Jane Austen English author
William Shakespeare English playwright and poet
Bill Bryson American author of travel books,
Stephen King American author
William Chaucer English poet
Michael Palin English comedian, author and travel writer
William Butler Yeats Irish Poet
Dan Brown American author
Charlotte Bronte English author
Winston Graham English author

What do these people have in common? They all live in my house!

Who lives in your house?  Feel free to copy and paste the blank table below to use in your own Middle or High School Language Arts class.


Why is this person famous?



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