Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman shares both sides of the SOPA/PIPA debate


The debate between Jimmy Wales, Co-founder of Wikipedia and  Copyright Alliance’s Sandra Aistars begins at 8:30. The clip also includes a segment of the TED Talks discussion by New York University professor, Clay Shirky entitled, “Defend Our Freedom to Share (Or Why SOPA is a Bad Idea).”

The other side to the story is the lavish lifestyles of these “Pirate Kings” and their ability to rip off people and make money from the work of others.


Take Kim Dotcom for example:

According to the Huffington Post ,and many other credible news media, this guy was living the life of luxury, claiming he was smarter than Bill Gates; that is until police chain sawed their way into the safe room of his New Zealand mansion to arrest him.


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