Newspaper headlines from around the world, January 22nd 2012

(UK) BBC News:South Carolina poll: Gingrich triumphs over Romney

(Europe) Euronews: Croatians vote in referendum on EU membership

(USA) CNN: Slavery in cocoa fields: A horrible ‘normal’

(Ireland) RTE: Croatians voting on EU membership

(German) Spiegel: Iran Sanctions Good for Business in Tiny Omani Port

(German) Die Welt: Monti calls emergency fund doubled to one billion

(France) Le Monde: In China, bird flu strikes again

France 24: Gingrich upsets Republican race with South Carolina win

(UK) The Guardian: Newt Gingrich ruins Romney’s night with decisive victory in South Carolina

(Italy) La Repubblica: Gas, pharmaceuticals, professional, transportation Here are the votes of the plan measures Mountains

(Peru) LaRepublica: Woman’s body appears on the Costa Concordia

Washington Post: Syria’s Zabadani is ‘liberated,’ but for how long?

(International) Huffington Post: Newt Gingrich Wins Big In South Carolina, Resets GOP Primary

The New York Times: Chávez Gets Bluster Back and Reclaims the Spotlight

(NYT International) Herald Tribune: Chávez Gets Bluster Back and Reclaims the Spotlight

(USA) Democracy Now: GOP Contest Rattled Before SC Primary as Perry Exits, Newt’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out, Santorum Takes Iowa

The Irish Times: Gingrich victory throws US primary race wide open

(Australia) The Age: Dutch teenager sails into the record books, unofficially

(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald: Dutch teenager sails into the record books, unofficially

The Times of India: Obama woos Indian, Chinese tourists

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: Newt Gingrich beats Mitt Romney in South Carolina Republican primary

(Mexico) The News: Arabs consider extending plan

(China, Communist) People’s Daily:

Global times (China): US Republicans vote in first presidential primary of South

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: ALl Japanese Passangers Safe

The Moscow Times: U.K. Spy Rock Confirmation May Boost Putin

(International) Reuters: Islamist insurgents kill over 178 in Nigeria’s Kano

(International) Associated Press Mobile: Analysis: Gingrich wins means grueling GOP fight

The Wall Street Journal: Japan Opposition Renews Calls for an Election Ahead of Consumption-Tax Debate

(Argentina) Clarin: Gingrich won and emerged as Obama’s Republican rival

New Zealand Herald: More than 160 dead in Nigerian radical attack

(Libya) The Tripoli Post: Breaking: NTC Event to Announce the Elections Law Postponed

The Copenhagen Post:  Racist network to hold rally in Aarhus

The Reykjavik Grapevine: Random House and Icelandic Actor Signs Book Deal

(Norway) Aftenposten: I hope surveillance photos from the bridge can provide more answers

(Turkey) Dunya: Transplant surgery and bad news

The Balkan Chronicle:  Is Serbia really like Iran?

(Somalia) The Shabelle News: Air strike kills a foreign Al-Qaeda fighter in Somalia

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer (Links to other websites): US to Keep 11 Aircraft Carriers to Show Sea Power –

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: Defence: Mubarak knew nothing

Jerusalem World News: Abbas: We’ll halt talks if no progress by Jan. 26 deadline

The Palestine Telegraph: Conferences on Israeli war crimes at UCL/Imperial College of London

(Pakistan) The News International: HRW urges support for democracies after Arab Spring

(Syria) The News: The death of 5 people and injured 20 others in a traffic accident on the road to Damascus, Palmyra

(Brussels) Le Soir: Tickets sold for Concordia … two days after the sinking

The above headlines are from the online World/International  sections of the news media listed.Translation by Google Translate.

Hundreds more newspapers from around the world are just a click away. Click here

Newt Gingrich Talks to his South Carolina supporters after his win in the Presidential Primaries, Sat. Jan. 21st Picture from Fox News


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