All Saints Clothing Store, Newbury Street in Boston

We were in Boston for the Wine Expo all weekend long. What a nice city.
Two great restaurants, Limincello’s


Abe and Louie’s
I loved Marleborough street off of Beacon Hill and Newbury Street was a shoppers heaven.
There was a store there called All Saints, apparrel store, and their window display was hundreds of the old fashioned Singer sewing machines, really well done. But slightly confusing, I thought it was a college for clothing designers.


2 thoughts on “Boston

  1. Wine Expo in Boston, huh. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it! So jealous! What was your favorite and least favorite wines?
    I’ve passed this store front a couple of times, great eye-catching design/display to say the least. Did you go into the store? I’ve never been inside.
    A store I always visit when I’m in Boston is Johnny Cupcakes. They are an apparel store with a super unique way they present their clothing. Def a must see to believe!
    Take care 🙂

    • Well Hello there! My husband is the wine lover actually and said he was disappointed with the number of reps there. They say the one to go to is the Foxwooods Wine Expo. Bell hops have to wheel guys out on the luggage trolleys!!!! He liked a few wines. I’ll find ooout the names and bring them to class on Monday. Hey thanks for reading!!

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