Peace by Piece Intergenerational Quilting Project dedicates third quilt ‘Norwalk Has Heart’ to Norwalk Public Library

Mayor of Norwalk, Richard A. Moccia, will officially proclaim February 11 as ‘Norwalk Has Heart Day.’ The ‘Norwalk Has Heart’ quilt, made by Peace by Piece, will be put on permanent display in the Children’s Room of the Norwalk Public Library on Belden Avenue in Norwalk on Saturday, Feb. 11.

Peace by Piece, an intergenerational quilting project, meets Mondays and Fridays from 3pm to 6pm at the Quilting House located at the Senior Center at Fremont Place in Norwalk.

Peace by Piece founder Lizzy Rockwell said ,”The thing about the quilts is that they are so big and so ambitious, so many hands have touched them, they can’t belong to anyone.”

Rockwell noticed how the children spoke to each other naturally when their hands were busy doing the project while volunteering as an art project supervisor in the public schools in Norwalk.

The bringing together of seniors and students was inspired by Executive Director of The Norwalk Children’s Foundation, the Reverend James. W. Carter, seemed a natural way to get the two generations to talk to each other, providing the young students with mentoring wisdom from seniors.

The Peace by Piece project is more about bringing the community together Rockwell said and added, “Really it is not about the not finished product, it is about the process.”

The group is funded by the Norwalk Children’s Foundation. NCF Project Assistant, Eisabell Garcia, runs and organizes activities at the quilt house for the children.

The integration of diverse ethnic groups according to Garcia is the most successful aspect of the quilting group.

“We have a nice mixture,” Garcia said.

Senior Betty Mungo has been quilting with Peace by Piece since the very beginning and, “loves to sit and sew and talk,” she said.

Senior Ernestine Cobb said her favorite quilt is the Stepping Stones Children’s Museum quilt, ‘Growing Together.’

“I like it because of all the colors,” Cobb said and added, “We learned a lot doing that quilt.”

The group has completed numerous projects. Three quilts are on permanent loan to public buildings in Norwalk.

The first ‘Flagship Quilt’ was donated to Norwalk Community College, the second, ‘Growing Together’ to Stepping Stones Children’s Museum in Norwalk, and the third, ‘Norwalk Has Heart’ will be donated to Norwalk Public Library on Saturday, February 11 at 11:00am in the children’s room.

People who would like to donate to Peace by Piece, Garcia said, can do so through the Norwalk Children’s Foundation.

“We have had people who have donated equipment, or material, funds. They’ve even offered their expertise,” Garcia said and added, “Even if people wanted to come in and do mentoring with the children, were pretty much open to that.”


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