The Grammys 2012: Bruno Mars a ‘Runaway’ success

With the death of Whitney Houston the day before this year’s Grammys, it was difficult to  imagine the crowd being in celebratory mood for the event.

Due to  Bruno Mars and their performance of ‘Runaway,‘ the evening started off on the right note.

To view the Winners list click here. Great performances by all the artists, but Paul McCartney needs to hang up the microphone. However, I just DO NOT GET Deadmau5. Seriously?

There was a theme of retro though, with Adele and Bruno Mars especially. Maybe I’ll become hip in the next 20 years of we keep going retro? Is the recession  making us all take stock, actors, musicians and everyday consumers like me?

The best actor award for this year’s Emmy’s was The Artist’s Jean Dujardin. The movie was a silent movie! How much more retro can you get?

Bruno Mars performing 'Runaway' at the 2012 Grammys

Adele performing at the 2012 Grammys


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