News Headlines from Around the World February 26th 2012

(UK) BBC News: Syria votes on new constitution referendum amid unrest

(Europe) Euronews: Senegal faces stability test over presidential poll

(USA) CNN: Crisis in Syria

(Ireland) RTE: 3 people killed at church in Nigeria

(German) Spiegel: Placement Service a Boon for People with Asperger’s

(German) Die Welt: Planned reforms to drive the Greeks out of business

(France) Le Monde: The opposition began a chain in Moscow for Putin not to leave “to enter the Kremlin”

France 24: Syrians vote on constitution as Homs assault continues

(UK) The Guardian: Syria to vote on new constitution as violence continues

(Italy) La Repubblica: IMU for the Church, the promise of flounder “Government determined, but careful to not for profit.” Interviewed by SkyTg24 Minister reaffirms its intention to introduce charging for Church properties, and that they intend to spin-off of Snam by Eni: “So you can reduce your bill.”

(Peru) LaRepublica: Obama apologizes for Quran burning

Washington Post: Scotland moves toward vote on independence

(International) Huffington Post: The Lost Party: The strangest primary season in memory reveals a GOP that’s tearing itself apart.

The New York Times: 2 U.S. Officers Slain; Advisers to Exit Kabul Ministries

(NYT International) Herald Tribune: 2 U.S. Officers Slain; Advisers to Exit Kabul Ministries

(USA) Democracy Now: Death of Hunger-Striking California Prisoner Sparks New Outrage over Inmates’ Suffering

The Irish Times: Syria referendum held amid heavy military onslaught

(Australia) The Age: Assad support still strong as Syrians vote on reforms

(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald: Assad support still strong as Syrians vote on reforms

The Times of India: Pakistan begins demolition of bin Laden’s compound

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: At Mexico G20 meeting, emerging markets show growing assertiveness

(Mexico) The News: Moscow, Beijing reject meddling Support end to violence without preconditions

(China, Communist) People’s Daily: 7.0 Magnitude earthquake hits Russia’s Serbia

Global times (China): Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan being demolished

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: AIJ Submitted false reports for “several years.”

The Moscow Times: Poll Shows Putin Winning in a Rout

(International) Reuters: Syria referendum goes ahead amid military onslaught

(International) Associated Press: Changing its website. Senegalese president booed on election day

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Pulls Out Advisers After Two Killed in Kabul

(Argentina) Clarin: Chavez, no political heirs, leaving his “revolution” in crisis

New Zealand Herald: Gillard set to win Labor leadership battle

(Libya) The Tripoli Post: Libya: NTC Chairman Denies Khamis Capture, Warns Neighbouring Countries over Harbouring Pro-Gaddafi Criminals

The Copenhagen Post:  Thorning-Schmidt and Obama trade praise, avoid criticism

The Reykjavik Grapevine: Complaints of Anti-Semitism in 400 year-old Easter Psalm

(Norway) Aftenposten: Controversial trial underway in Egypt – Norwegian trial. A controversial court case against 43 activists for illegal interference in Egyptian politics began Sunday in Egypt. A Norwegian are among the defendants.

(Turkey) Dunya: The conference took place tension. CHP congress, the work “tense” began. CHP convention arguing that it unlawfully sky, and then removed from the room brawl.

The Balkan Chronicle: Dozens Wounded In Demonstrations Over Quran-Burning At NATO Base

(Somalia) The Shabelle News: Al-shabab attacks Somalia government positions in Mogadishu

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer: (Links to other websites):Senegalese president booed on election day

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: Ganzouri: more than $ 10 billion left after the revolution. Arabs and the West abandoned us. And Egypt will not kneel .He Dr. Kamal Ganzouri prime minister on Sunday, the Government’s statement before the People, headed by Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Ganzouri and expressed his appreciation and greetings to the martyrs of the revolution and the injured, and all those who contributed in the service of this nation of young people informed and armed forces.

Jerusalem World News: UN: Assad, high officers committing crimes against humanity

The Palestine Telegraph: Israelis cheerful as 10 Palestinian kids dead in school bus accident

(Pakistan) The News International: Afghan president calls for calm

(Syria) The News: Interior: Centers referendum on the constitution in demand except for some areas
Interior Minister Mohammed slogan that “the centers of the referendum on the new draft constitution is witnessing an overwhelming response from citizens, except for some areas.” Continue the referendum on a new constitution until seven in the evening in conjunction with calls to boycott the process and news about the fall of the Martyrs in “bombing” “SANA” talk about the quality of Idleb result in the death and the arrest of terrorists .. The funeral of 21 martyrs from the army and the maintenance of order Began on Sunday morning of the referendum on the draft constitution in the new Syrian centers distributed in the different governorates, amid calls from parties in opposition to the boycott, as large body of the same time reported

Syrian Arab News Agency: Russian Foreign Ministry: News Agencies and Media Outlets Rely in Coverage of Syria on Observatory with Questionable Credibility and Authenticity

(Brussels) Le Soir: A human chain anti-Putin belt central Moscow. The Russian opposition has mobilized thousands of people Sunday in Moscow with the slogan “Let’s not get Putin to the Kremlin,” a week of the presidential election of March 4.

The above headlines are from the online World/International  sections of the news media listed.Translation by Google Translate.

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A man displays a ballot card for a draft referendum on the new Syrian constitution. Photograph: Sana/Reuters Picture from The Guardian


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