The 84th Academy Awards

The 84th Academy Awards.

Billy Crystal’s funniest moment at this year’s Academy Awards was, in my opinion, when the Oscar for best original score was announced. The stage behind him produced a massive music notebook. The music accompanying the rise of the notebook was typically over the top and  grandiose.

When the stage had been set, Crystal looked straight into the camera and nonchalantly said, ah. Like “no biggie!”

The second comment he made that had me laughing was the comment about the shoes actresses wore in movie roles, then in the list he mentioned J. Edgar Hoover!

Was Angelina Jolie’s leg up for auction last night by the way? And will Sacha Baron Cohen ever get invited back? Well, not by Seacrest anyway.

The New Yorker commentator Richard Brody found this years event to be boring. And it was, truthfully, boring. Except for the red carpet spillage by “The Dictator” on  Seacrest!

NBC’s Today show described the event as showing love for the history of Hollywood.

The top winners of the night were The Artist and Hugo, both winning five Oscars each. The Artist took the top three, best picture, best director and best actor. Nine pictures were nominated. This was a first for the awards ceremony.

The Kodak theater was also mentioned because it is no longer the Kodak theater, a point that did not go unnoticed by Crystal who suggested the “Flomax Theater.” His opening bit was funny, but he’s done better in his eight previous hosting gigs. Here’s the Huffington Post montage of Crystal’s funniest Oscar moments. None of what I said before matters!


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