News headlines from Around the World March 4th 2012

(UK) BBC News: Brazzaville munitions dump blasts ‘kill scores’ TOP STORY @ 12:25pm US Putin ‘elected Russian president’

(Europe) Euronews: Congo: 150 feared dead in arms depot blasts

(USA) CNN: Rockets fall on Syrian city of Rastan, opposition activists say

(Ireland) RTE: Explosion leaves 200 dead in Congo Republic

(German) Spiegel: A Divided Russia Goes to the Polls

(German) Die Welt: Despondency ruled the subcontinent of debt. The euro crisis has created new governments. The fate of southern Europe is indebted to Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti.

(France) Le Monde: Yémen: Yemen: 30 soldiers killed in clashes with al-Qaeda

France 24: Putin set for Kremlin return as Russia goes to the polls

(UK) The Guardian: Syria: Red Cross tries again to enter Baba Amr

(Italy) La Repubblica: Fewer deputies and senators prepared the draft of the technical. (Rewrite rules for a better functioning of democratic institutions. To make it more streamlined, efficient, representative)

(Peru) LaRepublica: Doctor has insisted that Chavez is incurable cancer

Washington Post: At al-Azhar mosque, struggle over Islam roils a revered Egyptian institution

(International) Huffington Post: Mitt Romney Health Care Op-Ed Presents Deeper Problem

The New York Times: Putin’s Election Seems Assured, but Uncertainty Remains in Russia

(NYT International) Herald Tribune: Putin’s Election Seems Assured, but Uncertainty Remains in Russia

(USA) Democracy Now: Senate Narrowly Defeats Anti-Contraception Bill as Reproductive Rights Come Under Sustained Attack

The Irish Times: Polish train crash leaves 16 dead

(Australia) The Age: Ark filled with books to survive data flood

(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald: Ark filled with books to survive data flood

The Times of India: Putin set to reclaim Kremlin despite protests

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: Opposition, observers report violations as Russians vote in elections

(Mexico) The News: N Korea envoy to visit the US. Agreement sets in motion plan to improve relations

(China, Communist) People’s Daily: Beijing strives to be coal-free

Global times (China): Russians vote for next president

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: Ai: China is ethnically bankrupt

The Moscow Times: Live Blog: Presidential Election 2012

Russia Today: Putin wins 3rd presidential term with around 60% – preliminary results

(International) Reuters: Russia’s Putin seeks Kremlin return, critics cry foul

(International) Associated Press Mobile: New site pending

The Wall Street Journal: Russians Vote Amid Opposition Claims of Violations

(Argentina) Clarin: A divided Russia and poorer elect Putin again today

New Zealand Herald: Violent storms kill at least 38 in US

(Libya) The Tripoli Post: Libya: Justice and Construction Party Picks Its Leader

Aljazeera: World War graves smashed in Libya’s Benghazi

The Copenhagen Post:  Man admits burning daughters to death

The Iceland Review: Artist Baldur Helgason Receives Mastermind Award

(Norway) Aftenposten: Must hope for more open political climate in Russia. The most interesting is what happens after the presidential elections in Russia, says a representative from the Norwegian Helsinki Committee

(Turkey) Dunya: Ordinary will not make a constitution .”Talking Turkey” meetings of the fifth, Parliament Speaker Flowers, was held in the participation of some lawmakers and TOBB Chairman. Flower, regarding the activities of the new constitution, “will not make an ordinary constitution,” he said.

The Balkan Chronicle: Serbia Declared EU Membership Candidate in Bid to Diffuse Balkan “Time Bomb”

(Somalia) The Shabelle News: Al-Shabaab fighters surrender to TFG troops in Gedo region

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer (Links to other websites): Some aid reaches Homs as Syrians flee to border

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: Tantawi: Army lead role Mhalaot despite provocation and distortion. And our loyalty only to the people of Egypt Said Marshal Tantawi, Commander in Chief of the President of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that the armed forces will continue to play its role in protecting the homeland

Jerusalem World News: Is Israel preparing to attack Iran?  (Op-Ed)

The Palestine Telegraph: Israel, not Iran, has more to gain from blast

(Pakistan) The News International: Congo arms depot blast kills near 200: official

(Syria) The News: UN: Up to two thousand people were fleeing from Syria to Lebanon. A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for refugees, the UN said up to two thousand refugees fleeing the violence in Syria and crossing the border into northern Lebanon.

(Brussels) Le Soir: At least 150 dead in explosions in Brazzaville

Syrian Arab News Agency: Chinese President Stresses Keenness on Developing Relations with Syria

(France) Le Figaro: Russia: anomalies and suspicions of fraud reported

The above headlines are from the online World/International  sections of the news media listed.Translation by Google Translate.

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Putin wins third presidential term. 58.3% Majority March 5 2012

Putin wins third presidential term. 58.3% Majority March 5 2012


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