Putin gets another 6 years as Russia’s President

Translated from Youtube:

Vladimir Putin, speaking to supporters at the Manege Square in Moscow on Sunday night, said that winning the presidential elections in a fair fight. “We won, we won in an open and fair fight”, – Putin said. He thanked all the voters, to all “who have supported us in every corner of the vast vast country.” “Thanks to everyone who said” yes “Great Russia”. “With the overwhelming support of the overwhelming number of voters we have won a clear victory. We will work honestly and hard”, – Putin said. He called on all to unite around the interests of the people and country. “Glory to Russia!”, – He declared in conclusion.

The New Yorker does a nice piece on this today.

Here’s the opposition’s voice in Al Arabiya.

The neutral voice is of Channel 4’s Lindsey Hilsum. Will Putin soften following Russian victory she asks today in her own blogpost.

The election was covered by Russia Today. 98,000 polling stations were open across Russia. Reports that the vote had been rigged were counteracted by RT when they stated that polling stations were equipped with web cameras and over 700,000 observers. Unprecedented number of web cameras were Russia’s attempt at election transparency.

There are online reports of voters submitting two ballots, ballot stuffing and people being paid $33 to vote for Putin. Another poster of a youtube video claimed that completed ballots were found in a rubbish bin prior to anyone voting in the elections.

“The results of the elections in Dagestan in the area in 1402 declared null and void! Record violations at polling stations.”

This translation from a youtube clip showing a man voting multiple times. In both videos from the Dagestan area we see voters submitting sheets into a vote counter. Are they ballot stuffing or submitting absentee votes? Why on earth would the government allow cameras if they had paid people off to vote multiple times for Putin? Were the camera’s hidden? In the second video it says that over 11,000 people voted and now those votes are considered void.

Comments beneath the videos range from “investigate” to “Comrade Putin is back!”


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