The American, Israeli and Iranian Nuclear Relationship is an old one

According Juan Cole of Informed Comment the threat of Iran’s developing nuclear program has been in existence since 1979. Why is Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu now speaking out about Israeli people “living in the shadow of annihilation?”

  1. The article  Cole refers to is by Scott Petersen of The Christian Science Monitor from November 2011, and discusses in detail the 20 year old possibility of an Iranian nuclear weapons program in a detailed timeline.

“Amazing timeline shows that for last 20 years, US & Israel have claimed Iran was 5 years away from getting nuclear bomb”

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu speaking at AIPAC said, “Iran could put a nuclear device in a ship heading to any port, or in a truck parked in any city anywhere in the world.”

US President Barack Obama said that he believes there is a diplomatic resolution to this issue.
Both President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu agree that Israel can strike on its own.

“We’ve waited for diplomacy to work,” Netanyahu said at the AIPAC meeting, “None of us can afford to wait much longer.”

“Israel’s Netanyahu, at AIPAC, on Iran: ‘I will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation”

Some debaters on the topic argue that the findings of the International Atomic Energy Agency report of 2009 is unable to conclusively determine that Iran has developed nuclear weapons and not a “non-nuclear payload.”

Tehran’s Last Chance: Israel, Iran and the Battle for the Bomb …

“Israel has been doing everything in its power to stop Iran’s atomic program.”

So why now? Why is Israeli PM Binyiman Netanyahu speaking out about a possible military strike against Iran? According to Germany’s Spiegal,
“Israel wants to be sure of two things: on the one hand, that US President Barack Obama is not taken completely by surprise by a possible attack, and on the other that he is not in a position to seriously question his ally’s decision and undermine it with diplomatic efforts.”

Iran, Israel and the United States – “President Obama is right that military action should only be the last resort.”
 For now Prime Minister Netanyahu’s promise of Israel acting alone has resulted in President Obama’s assurances that if Iran does have a nuclear weapons program and diplomacy fails to prevent Iran from dismantling that program, military action will be used, but only as a last resort.

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