The story behind Storyful and Storify: Real Time Curation of the News

Storyful Video uploaded October 11 2011.

Mark Little talks about social media and journalism. Little is the creator of which allows users to aggregate news from Twitter, You Tube and other online sources such as Google and Flickr.

Little was born in Dublin in 1968 and has worked for RTE.

Little discusses the future of media and why news organisations need to be flexible to change.

“1/3 of American internet users share the news, they write about it blog about it. How do you take the really cool stuff and raise it above the noise,” Little said.

“It’s no longer about print or broadcast – it’s about journalism, social and mobile. If you do not change, then I think it’s over and you need to get another job,” at the Dublin Web Summit. “Unless you move, you’re dead,” Little said regarding the changes in journalism and media.

Storify lets you  tell stories about what’s going on in the real-time web. You can join tweets, Flickr photos, Facebook messages, YouTube videos, and more together into a “story” on Storify. Here the company’s founders tell you why that’s significant.

Here’s my own page.



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