News headlines from Around the World April 8th 2012


(UK) BBC News: Syria wants ‘written guarantees’ from opposition

(Europe) Euronews: Easter Sunday deaths in Nigeria

(Ireland) RTE: Afghanistan, US govts reach deal on controversial night raids

The Irish Times: Syria seeks guarantee on peace plan

(German) Spiegel: Israel Wary of Changes in the Arab World

(German) Die Welt: Israel imposes travel ban against Günter Grass Israel has declared a persona non grata by Günter Grass. Reason his poem in which he accuses the country, the “world peace” is at risk. Israel speaks of “the fire of hatred.”

(France) Le Monde: The agreement of Bamako (text, then details, questions …)

(France) Le Figaro: Benedict XVI appeals to the Syrian regime

France 24: Mali sanctions lifted as junta agrees to step aside. The West African body ECOWAS said Sunday that it had reopened borders with Mali and granted access to regional ports following the military regime’s decision to restore constitutional order and establish a timeline for elections.

(Brussels) Le Soir: Nigeria: a bomb attack near a church at least 20 dead

(UK) The Guardian: ‘War on drugs’ has failed, say Latin American leaders. Watershed summit will admit that prohibition has failed, and call for more nuanced and liberalised tactics

(Italy) La Repubblica: Bonino: “we reset the rules on financing but the node is the occupation of public

The Copenhagen Post: Denmark may vote against US World Bank candidate

The Iceland Review: Today is Easter Sunday (me: No Kidding?)

(Norway) Aftenposten: North Korean rocket is on the launching ramp. A North Korean rocket to be launched next week, has taken to the launch ramp at the Space Centre Tongchang-ri.

(International) Huffington Post: National Women’s History Museum Makes Little Progress After 16 Years

The Balkan Chronicle: Our web page master is working very hard and Yours and ours web site is going to be fully operating very soon. We hope that you will be bale to use it by Monday April, 9, 2012. We apologize one more time for this break but it came suddenly, when our hosting provider Bluehost decided to pull the plug on us.  We tried to reason with them, but to no avail. So, if you have a web site, or planing to have one, better for you to stay away from the “Bluehost” if you don’t want to have them turning your site off as well.

(Turkey) Dunya: Istanbul has not been confirmed yet. Erdogan’s nuclear negotiations with Iran held in Istanbul that were not yet confirmed the news association announced.

North America

The Wall Street Journal: Pope Appeals for Syria Peace in Easter Message

(USA) CNN: Pope calls for end to Syria bloodshed in Easter message

Washington Post: U.S. intelligence gains in Iran seen as boost to confidence

The New York Times: U.S. Defines Its Demands for New Round of Talks With Iran

(NYT International) Herald Tribune: U.S. Defines Its Demands for New Round of Talks With Iran

(USA) Democracy Now: New Details Emerge over Police Fatal Shooting of Elderly Ex-Marine Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr.

(International) Associated Press Mobile: Links to other sites: Rocket in position at launch pad in North Korea

(International) Reuters: Syria demands new guarantees to pull back troops

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: Afghanistan, U.S. reach deal on special operations, night raids

South America

(Peru) LaRepublica: Fang Lizhi died, one of the leaders of the Tiananmen protests

(Argentina) Clarin: Dilma and Obama, a summit with interests. The Brazilian president has his first official appointment tomorrow with the American. But Dilma shaft has an agenda on trade issues. Not interested in addressing issues such as Syria or Iran, who are seeking to highlight Washington.

(Mexico) The News: Coke drops ALEC support: Trayvon Martin’s death sparked outrage over ALEC-sponsored gun laws. ORLANDO – The Coca-Cola Company said it was dropping its membership in a conservative national advocacy group that supports “Stand Your Ground” laws like the one being used as a defense in the Florida killing of an unarmed black teenager.

(Brazil) The New Democracy: Guanabara Bay Cleanup Plan Launched

(Chile) Clarin: Alvaro Uribe is creating a continental front against Chavez

(Bolivia) Journada:  Pope says in the Way of the Cross that the economic crisis weighs on families

Columbia Reoprts: FARC denies being weakened, rejects being called ‘terrorist’ (video)

(Ecuador) La Hora Nacional: Syria burns, 121 deaths in one day

(South Atlantic News) Merco Press: Falkland’s war experiences comes to life in Tyneside novel

Falkland Island News Network: Nobel Laureates’ Letter Deeply Disappointing to Falklands

(Guyana) Stabroek News: Violence dims Syria truce hopes, over 100 killed

(Paraguay) Ultima Hora: Correa says he does not seek the limelight with his absence at the Summit of the Americas

(Venezuala) El Nacional: The Pope delivered the Easter Message

(Uruguay) El Obervador: A Navy plane crashed in Virginia. The F-18 fell into a residential area of Virginia Beach; the plane belonged to an air base in Oceana, where pilots are trained Navy and Marine


(Australia) The Age: ‘Last chance’ for Iran nuclear deal

(Australia) Sydney Morning Herald:  ‘Last chance’ for Iran nuclear deal

New Zealand Herald:  US warns Syria it can’t deceive world over ceasefire




(China, Communist) People’s Daily: China Eastern Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliners cancels orders

Global times (China): 135 buried in avalanche in northern Pakistan

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: ‘Kim Rejected delay in launch announcement’

The Modern Tokyo Times: Russian Federation lambasts anti-Syria alliance for supporting more bloodshed

The Moscow Times: Activists Begin Hunger Strike Against NATO Base

Russia Today: Iran faces arm-twisting demands ahead of strategic nuclear talks

The Times of India: 50 people killed in Easter Sunday bombings in Nigeria

Jerusalem World News: Islamic Jihad’s Passover message: ‘No surrender, only struggle’

The Palestine Telegraph: No New Headlines

(Pakistan) The News International: India offers to help Pak to conduct rescue in Siachen


(Libya) The Tripoli Post: Pakistani President on India Visit for Talks Hoping to Find Solutions to Number of Issues

Aljazeera: Afghanistan and US sign ‘night raid’ deal. Agreement purports to give Afghan military units greater control of controversial operations unpopular with locals.

(Somalia) The Shabelle News: Iran navy rescues China crew from hijacked freighter

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer (Links to other websites): U.S., Afghanistan Agree on Night Raids

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: And the final outcome of 21 candidate, 11 independent and the rest for Alahzabiglaq door to run for president. Farouk Sultan, head of the Presidential Elections Committee Chairman of the Supreme Constitutional Court, said  it was closed the door to run for the presidential elections

(Syria) The News: The death of Khaled crown after a long illness at the age of 73 years. Died, Wednesday afternoon, Khaled al-Shami Hospital in the crown in Damascus at the age of seventy-third year after a struggle with the disease.

Syrian Arab News Agency: Russian Foreign Ministry: UN Monitoring Mission to Syria Has to Include Representatives of States Accepted by Syria

(Uganda) New Vision: ICC mounts pressure on Libya over Saif Gadaffi

Syria's government wants "written guarantees" from the opposition before it withdraws its troops from flashpoints in parts of the country.

Syria's government wants "written guarantees" from the opposition before it withdraws its troops from flashpoints in parts of the country. Picture via BBC

The above headlines are from the online World/International  sections of the news media listed.Translation by Google Translate.

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