Week of Welcomes South East Galway June 24-30 2012

Dear Friends,
please distribute the details of the 2012 South-East Galway Week of Welcomes to your relatives, friends, family and neighbours!

The Ireland Reaching Out project is seeking to identify those who left Ireland, in order to trace them and their descendants worldwide. The Week of Welcomes – an integral part of the Ireland XO programme – is an opportunity for people of Irish heritage to explore their past and connect with the people and places of their forefathers.

It is a week organised by the Parishes for their own Diaspora and an opportunity to meet in a place of common ancestry, with which a deep and real connection is shared. Above all, the Week of Welcomes builds on the paper trail of the records that may only get you so far, by providing that final link of local knowledge. You get to speak to people from the communities of your ancestors and use their knowledge to perhaps finally discover that elusive headstone, or the spot where the ancestral home once stood, or even seek out some long-lost cousins…and have some fun along the way!
The Week of Welcomes in South East Galway is an absolutely unique, personal and intimate experience – we will meet and greet you, taking you deep into Ireland, its parishes and townlands. With stops at must-see places, as well as those that are off-the-beaten path, we will entertain you with history, stories, music, and lively discussions about Ireland’s past, present and future.
Have a look at the Week of Welcomes Brochure here!
Itinerary in Brief…Come for the Week or just the Weekend! Jun 24 Open Event & Welcome Reception
Jun 25 ‘This is who you are’ Day Jun 26 Shannon River Cruise – Garden Tea Party
Jun 27 Historical & Heritage Tour of local areas Jun 28 Free Day – Irish Night Jun 29 Culture – Crafts – Heritage: all things Irish! Jun 30 Country Market – Hurling Match – Farewell Event
Jul 01 Departure Day
The Week of Welcomes in South East Galway includes:
  • passionate, knowledgeable local guides and historians
  • individual local assistance to trace your family roots
  • a week of guided touring
  • receptions and events in local castles and country estates
  • bus and walking tours of local parishes and the region of South East Galway
  • visits to heritage and ancient sitesof interest
  • an exceptional evening of Irish music & craic. No canned music here!
Cost is €299 for the full week or €149 for a long weekend (Sun-Wed or Thu-Sun). Sign up now via our online booking form (you’ll also find a link to accommodation options here). Need more information? Contact us by email: wow2012@irelandxo.com or ‘phone: +353 (0)91 842013 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +353 (0)91 842013     end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Your IrelandXO Team
********************************** Ireland Reaching Out
Cusack House
25, Dunkellin Street
Loughrea, Co. Galway, Ireland. T: +353 (0)91 842013 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +353 (0)91 842013     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, www.irelandxo.com

2 thoughts on “Week of Welcomes South East Galway June 24-30 2012

  1. Ireland may be reaching out, but the Immigration and Naturalisation Service certainly isn’t. My daughter wanted to go on a traineeship in Ireland in April and May. It was all arranged, but she was refused a visa. Did you know the visa appluication process takes 2 months? Even the Russian Federation can manage it in 2 weeks.
    She has now found a place in Finland, so no hard feelings, but her eagerness to see Ireland has certainly cooled a bit.

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