Going Gluten and Lactose Free for 100 Days

I just returned from vacation, tanned, packing a few extra pounds, and my skin is a complete mess.

An all inclusive vacation sounds great, but in reality for those of us with “issues,” and who hasn’t got issues, the temptation to go hog wild on food and drink is a recipe for disaster.

I don’t drink alcohol or smoke, I work out 6 days a week.  You might be tempted to label me a fitness freak; hold your label for a moment! I neither look healthy nor feel healthy.

My favorite foods are cheese and deserts. Those are my vices. When I go on an all inclusive vacation, I take full advantage. Now the few extra pounds will be gone within a week, but the state of my skin is going to take longer to show signs of improvement.

So here is my 100 day challange. I am going 100% gluten and lactose free for the next 100 days. Why? Because this last vacation showed me that I just can’t eat what I want anymore. Sad isn’t it? Well for me it is. I’d rather have clear and non-ithchy skin than continue eating gluten and lactose if they are indeed the culprits.

I’ll chart my skin and over-all health improvement right here.

Day 1: April 24th 2012


7 thoughts on “Going Gluten and Lactose Free for 100 Days

  1. Hey I wish you luck with your lactose free diet. You will definitely get a positive result though, I’ve stopped eating sugar for about a month now, I work out 4 days a week minimum. If I have had a result, you will too.

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