Gluten and Lactose Free Day 3

I had a nagging headache from about two o’clock on yesterday. I don’t know what caused it, but I have a feeling it might have something to do with the changes in diet.

I discovered that Lipton’s Diet Green Tea is gluten free, a good thing too because I love it and drink almost a gallon every three days!

The Glutino Cherry Breakfast bars were….tolerable. The  dough part was really dense and tasteless. I wouldn’t buy that again.

Today is a sluggish day, my energy level is down slightly and my skin’s condition is taking forever to improve.

Whatever weight was gained on vacation is now gone, but I am active and have a daily workout routine so the gluten and lactose free diet has little to do with weightloss.

Alrighty then! Day three….up and at ’em.


6 thoughts on “Gluten and Lactose Free Day 3

  1. Over a year later now and I am still gluten free, except for the occasional piece of bread when we go out to dinner, and 100% lactose free. The condition of my skin improved and when I do stray from the gluten free and lactose free way of life, boy do I pay for it. Tummy grumbling like a volcano!

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