Gluten and Lactose Free Day 4

Yesterday was very difficult. I was tired and had cravings all day. I caved in at 8:30, to two KFC legs. What’s a woman to do when the hubby shows up with a bucket load of KFC? Just say no?

Ten minutes after eating it though I wished I had just said no. The heart burn was short lived but pretty bad. I wonder if it is possible to make your digestive system sensitive to foods?

The non-dairy thing is fine. No cravings there. I just need to wade my way through this tub of Brummel and Brown Yogurt Spread; yes yougurt is dairy, I know. Remember, ‘I am a waste not want not’ type! I only use a scrape of it on toast, 2 slices of the Pepperidge Farm left and then I go to gluten and dairy free bread.

100% gluten and lactose free by Monday, that’s my goal. The fact that I am still drinking black coffee is a HUGE step. A 100 day challenge is about making small changes one day at a time, and at the end of 100 days, which will by August 1st, all those changes will add up to a huge lifestyle change.

Are you still with me? How about you start your 100 day challenge today and share your experiences with me? Start small and work your way to big. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the gluten free and lactose free pantry.

Here’s what day 4 looks and feels like.


2 thoughts on “Gluten and Lactose Free Day 4

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