Gluten and Lactose-Free Day 6

Yesterday was a slight improvement on day 4. Today is a slight improvement on day 5; not even big enough to be noticable.

I purchased a few more gluten and lactose free products though.

Glutino Apple Breakfast Bars Whole Foods $5.69

Glutino Apple Breakfast Bars Whole Foods $5.69

I decided to give the Glutino Apple Breakfast Bars a try along with Glutino Blueberry Breakfast Bars. I have to be honest and say that the Apple bars are delicious. Whole Foods carry the Glutino line and the bars cost $5.69 for a box of five. I don’t eat them for breakfast. They are just a mid-afternoon snack.For breakfast I now use Earth Balance Buttery Spread which is gluten, lactose, soy and nut free and costs $5.19.  I eat two slices of the Udi’s whole grain bread and Polaner’s sugar-free orange marmalade is also gluten-free.

I also bought the Glutino table crackers again, original and multigrain flavor which cost $4.99 and $4.69. For snacks to stave off the hunger I bought Sesmark Gluten Free Rice Thins ,$3.19. Topped with a nice slice of Galaxy Vegan American Flavor Soy Slices, think imitation cheese here, that should be a nice little snack! 12 slices prepackaged for $3.39, a real bargain folks, well compared to the other gluten and lactose free products it really was a bargain.

The biggest addition to my gluten and lactose free lifestyle was the purchase of shampoo, conditioner, cleanser and moisturizer by a line called Mineral Fusion. I thought that if my internal system is intolerant to gluten and lactose, my external system must be reacting to it in a negative way also. Every time I wash my hair and shampoo is dripping down my face, gluten is making contact with my skin. So I decided to give gluten-free hair and skin products a shot.

Mineral Fusion skin and hair product line, Whole Foods $9.99-$19.99

Mineral Fusion skin and hair product line, Whole Foods $9.99-$19.99

I bought shampoo $9.99, conditioner $9.99, skin cleanser $10.99, and moisturizer for $19.99. I’ll try out this product line first and move on to others as this gets depleted. My only quibble with the line is that the moisturizer is a bit greasy, I don’t need that. I will say that my skin did not feel tight or itchy after using the products, so that is a plus.

Speaking of showers and shampoo, that sensation that I had in my hands, the burning sensation I experienced, did return but wasn’t as bad as before.

My shopping list yesterday had 12 items on it and the grand total was $92.72.

This gluten and lactose-free living doesn’t come cheap. Which makes me think how ridiculous it is to make unhealthy eating cheaper than healthy eating. Doesn’t it cost more to rehabilitate sick and unhealthy people? You’d imagine that taking ingredients out and adding pure ingredients makes products less expensive to manufacture and process, but I guess not.

Last night I ate out in New York city at a restaurant called Hillstones and I ate a baked potato with chives and my protein choice was a prime rib. I ordered what I believed was a gluten and lactose-free dinner. I had my iPhone with me and it came in handy.

I almost ordered barley salad because I thought it would be gluten-free and a better choice than the baked potato. I typed my question into the Google task bar:”Is barley gluten free?” The answer was a profound “No.”

Turns out that potatoes that are unprocessed are gluten-free. So I took a chance and ordered a baked potato. Hey, you’ve got to live a little too folks!

Here’s what my day 6 is looking like:



4 thoughts on “Gluten and Lactose-Free Day 6

  1. The up front cost of these programs makes it hard for many peole, I’m sure. I like the way you are keeping trackc of things with your charts. Good luck with your results. Feel good and stay ehalthy. That is what counts.

  2. Hi There, a couple things, one, its way way cheaper and tastier to make your own GF food products, or just avoid processed foods altogether and that saves money.
    Sesmark gives me a flare up even though they are supposed to be GF. so i would watch that.

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