Gluten and Lactose Free Day 7

No! A week? Has it really been a week? Only slight imporvements  externally but on the inside……..well let’s not dwell on that shall we?

I certainly have seen a difference in my skin’s overall condition. Also my taste buds have changed. Protein like red meat tastes really good now. Before gluten and lactose free eating, I never craved red meat. I seem to have a better sense of taste, or maybe I am just imagining it all?

My dull headaches have persisted, but I definately need to increase my water intake to help with that.

Eating out hasn’t been a problem. Last night we ate at The Capital Grill in Stamford and the shrimp starter is gluten and lactose free, as is lamb and mushrooms.

I did break down and had two scoops of rainbow sherbert at Baskin Robbins though, gluten free allegedly but contains milk! Agggghhhh!

Repeat after me: Rome wasn’t built in a day…..

Rome wasn’t built in a day…..

Rome wasn’t built in a day…..

Here’s my day 7:


2 thoughts on “Gluten and Lactose Free Day 7

  1. Good your sticking to your diet, sounds tough though going gluten & lactose free. Try & find a replacement for the foods you’ve cut out. (You prob have already though.)

    • Yes, thanks. It is a lot easier, but I am not strictly gluten and lactose free yet…..still making choices that throw me for a loop! But other than that, just walking the aisles of Stop and Shop and Whole Foods and making the gluten free switch was easy.

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