Gluten and Lactose Free Day 8

It takes 21 days to form a new habit and break an old one, that’s what a friend told me when I quit smoking years ago. It certainly helped me to visualise a time I would no longer crave a cigerette. I am using the same mantra for this new life style.

I am not craving any foods, in fact when you stock the fridge and cupboard with gluten and lactose free products it is a very easy switch. On day eight I was hoping to see more of a difference in overall health, but I have to remind myself that the complete lactose free and gluten free eating program is still “new” to me. I am probably making choices, like the rainbow sherbert on Sunday night, that contain lactose or gluten.

Whole Foods and Stop and Shop have been great assets, but don’t think you are going to find gluten and lactose free propducts all lined up in the one area. And think more than just bread, cookies and breakfast bars too.

Sauces, soups, gravies and hair and skin products all have gluten in them. Those are the products that I am aware of, in actuality there are probably more. Eventually I will create a list here of gluten free and lactose free products and a recipe catalogue also. I miss banana chocolate bread!

Here is day 8 of gluten and lactose free living:


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