Glucose and Lactose Free Day 9

I bought a lot more gluten free food yesterday. I tried out a bar of chocolate Endangered Species Chocolate at Whole Foods and shared it with hubby….very unusual for me, it was very good. No oily, greasy aftertaste like I sometimes get from other gluten chocolate. It had a shelf talker stating it was gluten free, but now in hindsight it has milk!!!

On the negative side the gluten and lactose free cheese I bought, the Vegan American Soy Slices were horrible. It claims it is for melting, but it didn’t even come close to melting when I tried to make an egg sandwich last night for dinner. It resembled squares of yellow construction paper in physical appearance and taste…..believe me, this cheese is dreadful.

I also bought Glutino Yogurt Cover Pretzels and Regular Pretzels. They are both excellent tasting products.

My skin has improved slightly but I will add that usually this time of the year my seasonal allergies are crazy bad, but they are not this year. I wonder if this gluten and lactose free diet has anything to do with it?

Here’s what day 9 looks like:


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