Gluten and Lactose Free Day 10

The skin has certainly improved over the last 10 days. My energy level is not as high as it was, but I think the rainy, dull weather has a lot to do with that.

Even though I drank a lot of water yesterday I still woke up with a headache, which makes me think that this might be a seasonal allergy season symptom. Still, this is pretty remarkable considering how I looked a felt in previous years.

My mid-section is definitely leaner. The only way I can describe this is due to the fact that I don’t feel bloated. Though gluten-free foods also pack a few more calories, somehow the gluten swells in your system. I do feel better, there is no doubt about that.

I spoke to my doctor about doing this gluten and lactose free diet and even for someone who does not have celiac disease or a gluten or lactose intolerance it is a perfectly safe diet.

I should add that I take calcium and multivitamin supplements daily, so if you feel that this diet deprives you of calcium that’s an option.

Muscle Milk makes a chocolate shake that I love and it turns out that it is milk free and gluten-free. The Muscle Milk Light is only 150 Calories and provides 20g of protein, which is a way to make sure that you are consuming enough of you daily intake. I buy this stuff by the box load at our local Costco. This product is sugar-free, lactose free and gluten-free, triple

Muscle Milk Products

Muscle Milk Products


Another great place to find gluten and lactose free foods is Shoprite, it also does an online shopping list of gluten free products, pretty handy dandy!. The prices are a little cheaper there in comparison to Whole Foods, so if you are looking for gluten and lactose free products and watching your pennies, start there and compare prices.

This weekend I am going to do some more research on what gluten and lactose are what they do to our bodies. I use the words “inflamed” to describe how my stomach and intestines felt ten days ago. They felt swollen, and tight. No matter how many sit-ups or crunches I did I always had a little tummy. There is less swelling and I just feel more flexible in my joints…..I am a Pilates instructor so this stuff means something to me. It should mean something to you to as stiffening of the joints is what we all seem to accept as part of the aging process, maybe this diet can help slow that process down. Who knows…..maybe I will by August 1st?

Here is Day 10:


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