Gluten and Lactose Free Days 12, 13 and 14

I was away from Friday night until late last night, and there is nothing more challenging to a gluten  and lactose free diet than eating out.

I tried to think ahead and packed some Glutino Bars and glutin free crackers, that really was a big help. I also brought my Udi’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread (4 slices) the buttery spread and jelly, both gluten free and lactose free. So breakfast was not a challenge at all.

Lunch and dinner out were difficult, especially because we were eating with a large group, and you can’t very well say to the twenty others who are perfectly happy eating at TGIF, “Sorry folks but there’s little or nothing on the menu that seems gluten free to me.”

How many cobb salads can a person eat in one weekend anyway? I’ll answer that for you, one. The choice for dinner on Sarurday night was limited to say the least.

For lunch on both Saturday and Sunday I had pickles and chicken salad from a place in Princeton, NJ called Hoagie Haven on Nassau street. Great place, so give it a try if you visit Princeton.

Needless to say that I broke down and had peanut M&Ms and a Kit Kat this weekend….I won’t lie to you, they tasted great, but the following day my stomach was in turmoil.

I know there is lactose in the chicken salad because of the mayo, and allegedly the Peanut M&M’s are gluten free, as are the Plain ones, Kit Kat contains gluten but both candies contain lactose, so massive fail this weekend.

The skin is showing signs of abuse too. I didn’t drink enough water, that is for sure. My stomach was in complete distress on Sunday, but here I am, Day 14 and back i my own kitchen. The start of a new week and a new day.

Here’s what days 12, 13 and 14 look like:

Due to the increase in days the values/ratings are now shown on the left side of the chart, the days on the bottom bar and the colors relate to the criteria being measured.


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