Gluten and Lactose Free Day 16

Ok, I was doing well today until six o’clock rolled around and I saw that round of soft cow cheese in the fridge. It went really well with the Onion Baked Rice Crackers from Sesmark, they were gluten free, but I am betting the cow’s cheese has lactose? Who am I kidding here, it is 100% lactose. Oh well, let’s see what happens to it in the digetsive system.

I went shopping yesterday at Whole Foods. They are having a great sale on Glutino products this week. Almost $1.50 cheaper per pack if you buy two. So I did. The cupboard is filled with gluten free crackers, yogurt covered pretzels (soooooo good) and anything else that was on sale from Glutino.

Shoprite has a fantastic organic aisle that does just as good a job of labelling gluten free foods with shelf talkers. Very precise and easy to shop there too so give Shoprite a try also. Their prices are more consumer friendly than Whole Foods. But you have got to watch for those sales, they are pretty good. Pick up their flyers or click the links to see what is on sale this week.

Hope your day was a good one? Here’s what my day 16 looked like:


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