Gluten and Lactose Free Day 17 and 18

I am still struggling with choises that are gluten free and lactose free when we eat out. However the skin is much improved and the bumps that were speckled across my collarbone and chest area 18 days ago are now gone, as are the pimples on the chin and jawline.

It is very possible that these changes in skin condition are all hormonal, but I am after all 43 years old, today actually! Hooray!

Keeping track of skin changes and intestinal changes is showing me a pattern in how my body reacts to certain foods. I know for certain that cheese, especially cows cheese, is very hard on my digestive system. The gluten free foods seem to reduce an inflammation of the intestine. I keep thinking that gluten is like glue for your insides; it is sticky and clogs things up. Cheese for some reason has the opposite effect. Yeah, I know, it sounds like I am talking complete *&%$ and in a way, what goes in must come out! So I am talking *&%$! But this stuff is important, especially as we grow older.

The big difference I have noticed so far is in my mid-section. It is a little leaner. So here’s to days 17 and 18.


2 thoughts on “Gluten and Lactose Free Day 17 and 18

  1. WOW!!!! This is such great information! I liked that you used yourself as a Guinea pig. I love also that you have been keeping such great track too. Gluten is glue you got that right!!! Happy birthday 🙂 And keep up the awesome work!!!!


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