Gluten and Lactose Free Days 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23!

Miss me? Good. You did say yes, right?

My friend bought me a lot of organic foods from Shoprite today. I especially liked the Living Harvest Hempmilk, vanilla flavored. I had it with a cupful of Bakery on Main’s Gourmet Natural Gluten Free Apple Raisin Walnut Granola.

I sit here chomping on plain M&Ms, well I  did read somewhere that they are supposed to be gluten free. Hey, I’m hormonal, don’t look at me like that!! Yeah, I’m  talking to you!

This sweet tooth of mine has been a lifelong problem! I wonder if I should get it surgically removed? I envy all those people who don’t have a sweet tooth.

Keep smiling buddy, one day you're outta here!!!

Keep smiling buddy, one day you’re outta here!!

I don’t just have one sweet tooth, we’re talking a mouthful of sweet teeth here.

The last few days have been fine. My skin has been worse because of all the sweet cravings, that’s to be expected when you cave to your cravings.

The glutino bars have been great. Also started a new cinnamon raisin bread that is gluten free, made by Whole Foods. I have to say it is not as good as the Udi’s bread.

Here’s what days 19, 20, 21 , 22 and 23 have been like for me.


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