Make Way for Ducklings and Skunks in sticky situations!

I was on my way to teach  an advanced reformer pilates class in Wilton CT. The cars on the way there were breaking  in front of me all of a sudden, and I couldn’t understand why they were hitting the breaks and swerving.

Picture via Hit the breaks folks, the family is crossing the road. Quack!

A mother duck and about 7 or 8 ducklings were waddling across the road…so cute.
It beats the time when I was heading off to my teaching job in New Canaan. Same thing; cars’ breaklights coming on and then swerving like lunatics into the middle of the road at about 7:30 am. You can’t blame the demon drink at that hour!

Sacre blue!!! Peppy le Pieu via! “Now this is a sticky situation! A skunk rams his head into a peanut jar and gets stuck. Hands up if you want to volunteer to free the cute little fella?

When I got up to the scene of the commotion I nearly peed myself laughing. A skunk had rammed his head into a can of something he found in a garbage can. He had gotten stuck! Every time he heard a car he would run one way and then another.

Of course, all the cars were swerving like crazy because no one wanted to get sprayed!!!
Poor little Peppy Le Pieu!!!!! Any one want to help this poor chap out? No? Ah, come on now. He’s a cuddly little critter!


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