News Headlines From Around The World May 27, 2012


(Europe) Euronews:Mali: Rebel groups agree to creation of Islamic state

The Irish Times: Syria blames massacre on rebels

(UK) The Guardian: Massacre of the children as Syrian forces hit rebels Nearly 100 die in mass killing as rebels say they are on brink of abandoning negotiated plan to end conflict

(German) Die Welt: Sarrazin theses hardly hold the check facts stand “Europe does not need the euro,” Thilo Sarrazin writes in his new book of the same. Evidence for his thesis, he can deliver in the book but not convincingly

(France) Le Monde: Egypt: the candidate Shafik promises not to return to the Mubarak era

(Brussels) Le Soir: Greece short of cash by June?

(Italy) La Repubblica: CSM, Monti blocked reform “Inappropriate and not feasible”

The Copenhagen Post:  High court challenge over secrecy of spy trial

The Iceland Review: Whitsun Celebrated in Iceland

(Norway) Aftenposten: Syrian rebels vow revenge

(International) Huffington Post: Paolo Gabriele Arrested: Pope Butler Had Secret Documents In Possession, Vatican Says

The Balkan Chronicle: Veil Ban Increase Anti-Muslim Hostility

(Turkey) Dunya: President Gul of Uludere event, “there is absolutely no blackout,” he said.

North America

The Wall Street Journal: Syrian Barrage Sparks More Fighting, Upends Cease-Fire

Washington Post: Next to U.S. firing range in Afghanistan, a village of victims

The New York Times: U.S. Efforts Fail to Curtail Trade in Afghan Opium

(International) Associated Press:  Syria denies Annan’s deputy permission to visit

(International) Reuters: Syria blames rebels for Houla massacre

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: Outrage grows as Syria denies responsibility for massacre

South America

(Peru) LaRepublica: Hugo Chavez asked not to underestimate his opponent in the election

(Argentina) Clarin: The IMF warns Greece to not expect compassion and comply

(Mexico) The News: Thousands flee Somalia’s crisis

(Brazil) The Rio Tiimes: Feminist Gather for SlutWalk in Rio

(Chile) Clarin: Face unprecedented militarization of the London Olympics

(Bolivia) Journada: U.S. Rep. Muñoz raises an ATPDEA for Bolivian artisans

(Ecuador) La Hora Nacional: Ten days after the arrest of former deputy Sigifredo Lopez for allegedly kidnapping and involving his eleven colleagues who died later at the hands of the FARC, Colombia still stunned by what it considers one of the most unusual chapters of the conflict in this country

(South American News) Merco Press: Ambassador Argüello explains to the US business community YPF seizure

Falkland Island News Network: Tristan’s first storm of the winter courses damage

(Guyana) Stabroek News: Thousands pray for Istanbul landmark to become mosque

(Paraguay) Ultima Hora: The Burmese opposition leader Suu Kyi visit refugee camps in Thailand

(Venezuala) El Nacional: White House shocked by “brutality” of slaughter of 92 people in Syria

(Uruguay) El Obervador: The shadow of the Greek Antigone worries


(Australia) The Age: Egypt’s economy the loser after first round of elections

New Zealand Herald: Hacking scandal: Blair takes the stand


(China, Communist) People’s Daily: Pakistan-U.S. worsen relations: British think tank

Global times (China): Medvedev succeeds Putin as leader of Russia’s ruling party

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: U.S. panel rejects marine relocation budget

The Moscow Times: Cigarettes and Alcohol Occupy Pushkin Square

Russia Today: Vatileaks: Pope’s butler arrested for stealing confidential correspondence

The Times of India:  Serial killer held in China for murdering 11 males

Jerusalem World News: Baghdad talks stall as Iran insists on uranium enrichment     

The Palestine Telegraph: Unavailable 5/27

(Pakistan) The News International: US reduces aid by $33mn after Pakistan jails doctor


(Libya) The Tripoli Post: IMF Chief Angers Greeks for Comments About Tax Avoidance

Aljazeera: Syria blames deaths on Houla ‘terrorists.’ STI Government Spokesman denies Syrian Troops Were responsible for killing scores of Civilians and children in Houla.

(Somalia) The Shabelle News: 9, 2000 displaced in Somalia violence

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer (Links to other websites): Site Suspended 5/27

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: Start of a race alliances to resolve the run-off. morning stabbing in the election campaign. and Moses demanding an investigation into voting for the soldiers of the Central Security.

(Syria) The News: An official source denies assassination of politicians and security officials in Damascus .. And reports of clashes and shooting quarters in the capital

Syrian Arab News Agency: Syrian Motex Exhibition for Children’s Apparel Opens in Amman

(Uganda) New Vision: BBC presenter arrested in Zimbabwe, lawyer says Publish Date: May 27, 2012

The bodies of people killed allegedly by government security forces lie on the ground at Ali Bin Al Hussein mosque in Huola, near Homs. Photograph: Reuters

The bodies of people killed allegedly by government security forces lie on the ground at Ali Bin Al Hussein mosque in Huola, near Homs. Photograph: Reuters via The Irish Times May 27, 2012

The above headlines are from the online World/International  sections of the news media listed.Translation by Google Translate.

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