Gluten and Lactose Free Days 35 to 45

Don’t strike a match and open all the windows. Mom’s just had a slice of white bread.

When did I start to notice that I had problems digesting certain foods? That is a question that I get asked often. The truth is I have noticed certain things for many years but thought that it was normal.

When your tummy bloats after eating white bread and you’ve eaten white bread for most of your life, then that’s just “the way it is.” You’ve never known anything else so that’s part of your “normal.” When I really began to pay attention was about seven or eight years ago.

My mother passed away in May 2004. My healthy eating and excercise regime fell apart during her 9 month undiagnosed battle with cancer. It wasn’t until the very end that a diagnosis was made. About six months after her death I decided that it was time to get back on track. I started the South Beach Diet plan.

Dr. Agatson’s book explained how certain foods turn into sugar in the body, white bread and potatoes being some of those foods. On the diet I felt good, I lost whatever weight I had gained and resumed my workouts. Mentally and physically I started to feel better.

When you’ve been on the diet for sometime you can sway from it occasionally to enjoy the forbidden foods. This is when I noticed bloat and gas pains when I ate certain foods. There is no polite way to say this, but I’ll try. Sometimes the gas was so bad I could have easily turned our Toyota minivan into a convertible. Not very ladylike, and let me tell you, it’s a sure-fire way to get your family angry at you! Enough said.

It has taken me about five years to get to this point. It was a long, brutally fought battle. My cousin, who has coeliac disease said, “You just feel so good when you stick to gluten-free foods.” She’s right. Discomfort should not be a side order when you eat.

This week I tried Larabars which are gluten-free. I wasn’t crazy about them. A little too sweet for me and the consistency was doughy. Did I just say something was too sweet?

My cousin who is coeliac also told me to check out which is a great resource for learning what foods are gluten-free.

I have stayed with the Mineral Fusion line of skin care and hair care products. Although Renpure is gluten-free, my hair is curly and needs the hydration that Mineral Fusion provides. The Mineral Fusion products sold in boxes sometimes come with a $3.00 coupon.

Here’s what Days 35 to 45 have looked like for me:


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