2012 Olympics: Great Britain, Great Sports, Great Controversy

Britain is Great Posters by Mother London. Picture via PopSop

London commuters are told to use alternate traveling routes, work from home and either walk or cycle to work to avoid overcrowding on London’s transport systems during the Olympics which take place from July 27 to August 12.

Transport Minister Norman Baker said, “It’s time to oil the creaking bike, dig out the walking boots.” Is this fair to Londoners?

In addition to growing contention among commuting Londoners who must alter their commute, is the fact that Official Olympics 2012 merchandise is being made in other countries, including tickets for the individual events printed in the US, and then flown over to the UK, 90 per cent of Olympic souvenirs are made abroad, and according to designer Stephen Bayley, the merchandise for the 2012 Olympics, “Looks like a poundstore in a post-industrial hell.”

The Olympic Village 2012 construction bid went to “condemned developer” and Sydney based Lend Lease.

The Olympics 2012 logo, by renowned brand consult firm Wolff  Olins, was criticized and likened to the Nazi symbol. The design cost 400,000 pounds sterling, almost $500,000.

As the Olympic mascots were revealed, some pundits  called them creepy or nasty and said that the mascots had “thrown them over the edge.”

Heavy advertising to promote the London Olympics ensure that it is going to be great!


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