News Headlines From Around The World September 2, 2012

Top three headlines for September 2, 2012 on audio


(Europe) Euronews: Tributes paid to Ethiopia’s late prime minister

The Irish Times: Blair, Bush should face trial – Tutu

(UK) The Guardian:Tony Blair should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu

(France) Le Monde: Pakistan: Imam jailed for alleged plot against the young Christian Rimsha

(Brussels) Le Soir: A girl tells her night in Vegas with Harry

(Italy) La Repubblica: Collapses the number of young people employed in five years 1.5 million less (-20%)

The Copenhagen Post: Campaign builds to stop deportation of trans-woman raped at Sandholm

(Iceland) Visir: Relaxing Bush and Blair before the International Crime Court

(Norway) Aftenposten: Bullfighting to  favor.Conservative government ensures the bloody sport of getting a long-awaited victory.

(Germany) Spiegel:The Thin Line Between Guilt and Innocence   

(International) Huffington Post: Guatemala-U.S. Drug Operation Riles Rights Groups

The Balkan Chronicle: Turkey Top Five Investor in Bosnia

(Turkey) Dunya: Target of $ 100 billion in China

North America

The Wall Street Journal: Isle Spats Backdrop for Clinton’s Asia Trip

Washington Post:Training suspended for new Afghan recruits

The New York Times: Airstrikes Push Waves of Syrians to Jordanian Camps

(International) Associated Press: Syria: Double blast hits army post in Damascus

(International) Reuters: Syrian rebels hit back at Assad’s air power

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: Obama lampoons GOP as throwback to last century, no new ideas

South America

(Peru) LaRepublica: War? If EE. UU. attacks Syria, Iran will act, threatening officer

(Argentina) Clarin: They claim that the Church “has been left behind 200 years”

(Mexico) The News: Morsi slams Syrian regime. Damascus delegates walk out of Egypt pres.’ speech

(Brazil) The Rio Tiimes: Strikes End Except for Federal Police

(Chile) Clarin: Mitt Romney: Obama just leaves us disappointed and division

(Bolivia) Journada: The economy, the greatest enemy of Obama in his campaign for reelection

(Ecuador) La Hora Nacional:Protests in Spain close of Health

(South American News) Merco Press: Peña Nieto confirmed as president-elect; takes office December first

(Guyana) Stabroek News: In final interview, Cardinal says Church ‘200 years out of date’

(Paraguay) Ultima Hora: Iran calls for delivery of testing before agreeing cooperation with IAEA

(Venezuala) El Nacional: Haiti cholera still fight while removing NGOs

(Uruguay) El Obervador: Paraguayan President Federico Franco, talked of impeaching his predecessor and regretted the reaction of the Mercosur countries


(Australia) The Age: Back to school, with a new face

New Zealand Herald:Why Kiwi insider believes Armstrong is a drug cheat


(China, Communist) People’s Daily: China-ROK 20-year friendship to continue

Global times (China): Tokyo gov’t survey group starts illegal survey at waters near Diaoyu

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri:Chinese media hail isle activists / Senkaku landing given wide coverage; Japanese law derided as ‘worthless’

The Moscow Times: Former Defense Minister Sokolov Dies at 102   

Russia Today: Disabled Pakistani girl framed in Koran-burning case? Imam arrested for falsifying evidence

The Times of India: Blast in Damascus suburb kills 15

Jerusalem World News: Romney: Obama threw Israel under the bus

The Palestine Telegraph:Pentagon acknowledges no photographic evidence of Bin Laden death

(Pakistan) The News International: Pakistan Taliban in gruesome mass murder


(Libya) The Tripoli Post: Five Libyans could Face Imminent Execution in Iraq

Aljazeera: Brahimi says change ‘unavoidable’ in Syria. New UN Syria envoy says change is “necessary, indispensable, unavoidable” but hints he will not call for Assad to quit.

(Somalia) The Shabelle News:Heavy Fighting Resumes inSomalia’s Afmadow

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer (Links to other websites): JERUSALEM – Israel’s prime minister urges the international community to get tougher with Iran, saying that without a “clear red line” Tehran will not halt its nuclear program.

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: Spokesman Presidency: to Amajaov return mating between power and business

(Syria) The News: Palestinian food aid to Syria. Second aid convoy left the city of the West Bank city of Ramallah carrying food aid for Palestinian refugees affected by the crisis in Syria.

Syrian Arab News Agency: Four People Injured in the Terrorist Bombing Hit al-Mahdi Street in Abu Rommaneh in Damascus

(Uganda) New Vision: Thousands attend Meles Zenawi’s funeral

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: called today for Tony Blair and George Bush to be taken to the International Criminal Court in The Hague for their role in the Iraq war. Photograph: Zak Hussein/PA Wire Photo from The Irish Times 9.2.2012

The above headlines are from the online World/International sections of the news media listed.Translation by Google Translate.

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