Goodbye Irish Dancing Shoes!

There was a time when I could ACTUALLY wear socks with these! Not anymore. Goodbye Irish Dancing Shoes!

My son’s Spanish teacher asked us to gift her something that is from Ireland and that she could display on a bulletin board of objects from Around the World.

After 30 years together, 8 of them really dancing my feet off…….we part ways. They will be part of a bulletin board display of objects from Around the World! for my son’s Spanish teacher’s classroom.

The bulletin board will be a  a permanent display. The teacher wanted something she could keep, and let’s face it, my Riverdancing days are well and truly OVER!

Irish dancing is actually a lot different now than it was in my time. We just wore a white blouse with a navy blue pleated skirt. Now they have wigs, fake tans, crowns, makeup and $2,000 – $3,000+ costumes. Even the socks are specialized and expensive!!! I hate what has happened to it.

Thanks for nothing Michael Flatley!!!

So, after 30 years together, well they were in the attic or a plastic storage container for the majority of those years, my Irish Dancing shoes and I part ways. Hey, could have been worse, I could have given her a leprechaun. He’s still in the storage container though.



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